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McLean Hospital: The Behavior and Symptoms Identification Scale

As a Joint Commission accredited facility, Sovereign Health’s clinical outcomes are externally evaluated by recognized expert organizations like McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate. These evaluations provide unbiased evidence about the quality of treatment and services Sovereign provides to adolescents and adults who have trauma, eating disorders, chronic pain, substance use disorders, mental disorders and co-occurring disorders.

The Behavior and Symptoms Identification Scale (BASIS-24) is a leading behavioral health assessment tool with established psychometric properties that is administered to patients at admission and discharge in inpatient or residential treatment. The scale uses patient feedback from 24 items that ask them to rate their symptoms and function over the course of treatment. Patients rate their symptoms and functional impairments on a five-point scale.

The results are used by mental health providers, researchers, purchasers of mental health services, accreditation agencies, and internal quality assurance departments to evaluate the effectiveness of an organization’s treatment, services and care from the perspective of the patient across the six domain scores [depression/functioning, relationship/interpersonal competence, psychosis, substance abuse, emotional lability (for example, mood swings) and self-harm].

BASIS-24 Symptom Domains

McLean eBASIS provides an indication of how patients’ psychiatric symptoms and functional deficits change over the course of residential or inpatient treatment. Patients rate their symptoms and functional difficulty on a scale ranging from 0 (none) to 4 (extreme).

An overall score and six symptom domain scores are produced based on the patient self-reported data collected at admission, at different points during the treatment course, and at discharge:

  • Depression/functioning
  • Relationship/interpersonal competence
  • Psychosis
  • Substance abuse
  • Emotional lability (mood swings and other atypical emotions)
  • Self-harm
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Why Use the McLean eBASIS?

McLean Hospital is a nationally recognized organization that evaluates the clinical effectiveness for behavioral health organizations such as Sovereign Health that are accredited by the Joint Commission. On a quarterly basis, McLean eBASIS analyzes self-reported data from Sovereign Health’s residential patients relative to data obtained from other mental health facilities across the country, providing feedback from nearly 30,000 patients every three months.

As a validated measure of clinical effectiveness for mental health service recipients, the McLean eBASIS helps Sovereign Health and other behavioral health organizations to stay abreast of their effectiveness on an ongoing basis. The information helps therapists, clinicians and organizations make informed decisions about patient care, improve clinical and organizational effectiveness, and deliver high quality treatment, services and care to the patients they serve.

Joint Commission Accreditation

Behavioral health care organizations may be required to submit clinical data through an ORYX® vendor as part of the requirements for Joint Commission accreditation. ORYX® vendors evaluate an organization’s performance on quality measurement results over time and transmit the data to the Joint Commission.

As an ORYX® vendor in the field of psychiatry and behavioral health, McLean’s eBASIS results can be transmitted to the Joint Commission to meet accreditation requirements and to satisfy insurance companies and other payers’ outcome requirements. Performance guidelines (Q3 and Q4, 2016) for the McLean eBASIS are based on the following criteria:

  • Undesirable or does not meet performance guidelines = Z score less than -2.576
  • Expected performance = Z score between -2.576 and +2.576
  • Desirable or excellent performance = Z score greater than +2.576

McLean eBASIS Report for July through September 2016

For July through September 2016, Sovereign Health surpassed the national average performance of other Joint Commission accredited organizations, according to data analyzed by McLean Hospital. McLean Hospital’s eBASIS report also indicated that Sovereign’s Residential patients experienced, on average, much greater improvements in their symptoms and functional deficits from admission to discharge relative to nearly 30,000 patients from 50 other behavioral health organizations across the country.

Figure 1. Mean observed change for Sovereign Health Residential patients (blue bars) relative to the mean expected change for 50 other mental health organizations (yellow bars), July through September 2016.

McLean Hospital’s eBASIS report for July through September 2016 also showed that Sovereign Health’s Residential Program was at or above expected performance for the Joint Commission’s performance guidelines. Notably, Sovereign’s program was rated exceptionally high in the following categories:

  • Self-harm
  • Depression
  • Emotional lability
  • Psychosis
  • Substance abuse
  • BASIS-24 overall

Figure 2. Average symptom ratings for Sovereign Health’s Residential Program patients (N = 209) relative to 50 non-Sovereign Health treatment facility patients (N = 29,638) at admission and discharge.

The results of the McLean Hospital’s report indicated that Sovereign Health’s Residential Program exceeded the Joint Commission’s performance guidelines in five out of six categories (denoted by a star) and overall.

Figure 3. Average symptom ratings for Sovereign Health’s Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) patients (N = 209) relative to 50 non-Sovereign Health treatment facility patients (N = 29,638) at admission and discharge.

Sovereign Health’s PHP also met the performance guidelines for the Joint Commission for July through September 2016. Both Sovereign Health’s PHP and Residential Program patients, overall, reported more severe symptoms and greater functional difficulties at admission compared to patients at other facilities. They also reported greater improvement in their symptom severity after 30 days (at discharge) relative to other behavioral health organization nationwide.

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