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10 festive non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy at this year’s holiday parties

Posted on 12-19-16 in Addiction Treatment

10 festive non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy at this year’s holiday parties

Making mixed drinks is one of the many traditions that accompany the holidays. These drinks can be as simple as coffee with added alcohol or be as complicated as mixed drinks made with multiple types of liquor. While many people may not think twice about this tradition, it may prove problematic for recovering alcoholics. How does one deal with this alcohol-based tradition while still remaining courteous and understanding of the friend or family member in recovery?

Thankfully, there are plenty of creative and delicious non-alcoholic holiday drinks that everyone can enjoy together without having to worry about making things harder for the loved one in recovery. Here are a few non-alcoholic festive drinks for our readers to enjoy during their holiday parties and family gatherings.

  1. The Sleigh Driver: A delicious punch that brings together pear, cranberries and vanilla with a traditional hot cider for a fantastic drink that ensures you and your friends will be safe sleigh drivers this winter
  2. Spiced Hot Chocolate: It can be tempting to add a little something extra to your hot chocolate, and that is just what this recipe does. Spiced hot chocolate combines nutmeg, cinnamon and a little bit of chili powder to give you just the kick you need to make your cozy cocoa a little more interesting. Feeling daring? Make a game and see who can handle the most chili powder in their cocoa
  3. Nutella Hot Chocolate: Almost everyone loves the chocolate and hazelnut flavored spread called Nutella. Add warm milk and Nutella along with your choice of cinnamon or extra chocolate and you have a nutty, chocolate drink that everyone will love
  4. Cranberry Sparkler: A great combination of blackberry puree and cranberry juice can be offered at any holiday party as a festive and alcohol-free drink
  5. Pomegranate Soda: This refreshing drink brings together the taste of pomegranate with the fizz of club soda for a fun drink, all with a cherry on top
  6. Apple-Ginger Sparklers: Why not take advantage of the fruit that is in season? Mix together some fresh sparkling apple cider, ginger syrup, cinnamon and a little extra crystallized ginger for a surprisingly delicious holiday drink
  7. Homemade Chai Latte: Who needs to spend money at Starbucks when you can make this warm drink at home? Grab some black tea leaves, cinnamon, ginger, honey and a few other ingredients from your local market to impress yourself and your guests this season with a spiced, delicious and warm drink
  8. Eggnog Coffee: Give yourself an evening boots with a combination of coffee, sugar and eggnog for a cozy drink. Following your nutritional plan you learned about in recovery? There are also several low-fat versions available at your local grocery stores as well
  9. Iced Nutty Irishman Coffee Frappe: If you want to avoid the sugar overload of the season, this frappe combines sugar-free Irish cream, hazelnut syrup, brewed coffee and non-fat milk for a cool, guilt free treat
  10. Hot Buttered Rum Coffee: Although the word rum is in the name, you can be assured that this beverage is alcohol free. This is a delicious mix of coffee, butterscotch sundae sauce and rum extract that includes a great taste without worries

Whether you’re throwing your own party, getting together with family members or enjoying an evening alone by the fire, these 10 different seasonal non-alcoholic drinks will provide you a variety of options to enjoy without temptation.

Written by Brianna Gibbons, Sovereign Health Group writer