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6 smartphone apps for recovering alcoholics

Posted on 04-28-15 in Addiction, Addiction Treatment, Alcohol Abuse

6 smartphone apps for recovering alcoholics

Smartphones have succeeded at making daily life more convenient. Lost? Load up a map. Bored? Play a game. But can smartphones also help people who are struggling with alcohol recovery? The answer may actually be yes!

Below are six apps that can make a smartphone an excellent companion for recovering alcoholics.

  •, available for both iPhone and Android, is a goal-tracking app. Users first set a daily goal – for instance, “stop drinking.” Each time the user successfully completes the daily goal, the app congratulates the person on a job well done. The creators of believe that motivation comes from celebrating every step of progress. Joining provides the user with not only electronic encouragement but also a community of like-minded people who are pursuing the same goal. No Alcohol is a group of users who are committed to alcohol abstinence. Members of this group can ask questions about the recovery process, inspire each other and share stories of their struggles. Users can also receive personal coaching from for an additional fee.

  • Joe & Charlie

Joe & Charlie is an audio app that contains the recordings of Joe McQ. and Charlie P., two men who fostered a lifelong friendship after meeting in Alcoholics Anonymous in 1973. Joe and Charlie had a deep interest in “Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How Many Millions of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism,” or The Big Book, and spent a considerable amount of time studying and analyzing the ideas within it. This app contains more than six hours of their lectures and study sessions. The Joe & Charlie app is excellent for passing time at a bus stop, as part of a morning ritual, or as a quick burst of sober inspiration.

Joe & Charlie is available for 2.99 on iPhone and 4.99 on Android.

  • Afternoon Affirmations

Every day at 1 p.m., the Afternoon Affirmations app posts an encouraging message meant to promote calmness and optimism. Sometimes it is helpful to receive an occasional reminder of the value – and possibility – of sobriety. The content from this app comes from SoulSeeds, a website that promotes personal growth, mindfulness and motivation. Afternoon Affirmations was created by the makers of InTheRooms, a social networking platform with a focus on addiction recovery.

Afternoon Affirmations is available for free on iPhone.

  • InTheRooms

InTheRooms is perhaps the world’s largest social network for the Global Recovery Community. This app provides users with an instant connection to a large community of fellow recovering addicts. Anonymity for all members is guaranteed so no information from the app is ever shared with Google or other companies. Members can seek help or simply make friends with people who enjoy sober fun. Anna David, executive editor of, described InTheRooms as “like having a 12 step meeting in my pocket.”

InTheRooms is available for free on iPhone.

  • Friend of Bill

Friend of Bill, available for iPhone, is an elegant and simple sobriety counter. The user inputs their name, the date of their last drink, and their sponsor’s phone number. Friend of Bill keeps count of the exact years, months, days and minutes the user remains sober, providing a concrete number that reflects all their hard work. Sponsors can quickly be contacted by pressing a phone icon in the corner of the app. Friend of Bill also provides inspirational quotes and tokens of sobriety milestones.

  • Meeting Finder

This app is essential for a recovering addict in an unfamiliar place. Meeting Finder is a comprehensive, intuitive search tool that can instantly locate 12-step recovery programs throughout the United States and provide directions to the nearest meetings from the user’s current location. Searches can be refined (open/closed and men/women only) so that users can find a support group that is right for them.

Meeting Finder is available for free on iPhone.

Honorable mention: DrinkControl

For people who are still drinking and aren’t sure if they have a problem, DrinkControl is an excellent choice, available for both iPhone and free on the Android. DrinkControl tracks alcohol consumption by converting standard quantities of alcohol (e.g, glasses, bottles, cans) into units of alcohol. With this app, users can keep track of how much alcohol they consume in a night, a week or even a year. The app also keeps track of how much money the user spends on alcohol. Once a predetermined amount of alcohol has been exceeded, the app provides a warning.

Sovereign Health Group understands how difficult it can be to fight alcohol addiction. This is why Sovereign has a comprehensive alcohol treatment center that focuses on keeping patients sober and healthy. For further questions, please contact 866-554-5504.

Written by Courtney Lopresti, Sovereign Health Group writer