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‘Break Free From Emotional Abuse’ to live the life you were meant to live

07-28-15 Category: Addiction Treatment, Book Review

‘Break Free From Emotional Abuse’ to live the life you were meant to live

Pain is defined as an unpleasant feeling often caused by an intense or damaging stimulus. Many people hear the word pain and automatically think of physical pain such as stubbing a toe, a headache or a muscle ache. However, pain is multifaceted. Stress is a type of mental pain and deep sadness is a type of emotional pain. In other words, pain does not have to be physical; it can be emotional and mental as well. Sometimes emotional pain can hurt more than physical pain or emotional pain can be morphed into a physical pain. In fact, somatization is when psychological or emotional pain can lead to physical pain.

Somatoform disorders are a group of psychological disorders in which a patient experiences physical symptoms that cannot be fully explained by any underlying general medical or neurologic condition. Emotional and mental pain can lead one to go to extreme measures. Many underlying reasons for addiction include emotional or mental pain. The loss of a job, a divorce and a death in the family are all tragic events that can lead to emotional pain and drive someone to excessively consume drugs or alcohol.

Emotional and mental abuse is another agonizing area that can cause excruciating pain. Many people who are experiencing pain from emotional abuse are not even aware that they are the victims of such abuse. Sometimes these people are used to being called names, insulted and de-valued. Children who grow up with verbally abusive parents are more likely to get involved in a verbally abusive romantic relationship or be the victims of workplace abuse, which can cause a lifetime of emotional pain. It is important to recognize emotional pain right away and figure out a healthy solution. Covering up emotional pain by blunting emotions or using alcohol and drugs is not a solution.

Emotional intelligence is an important key to learning how to recognize and control emotions. A recent book entitled, “Break Free From Emotional Abuse: Identifying Causes and Controlling Your Emotions for a Better and More Peaceful Life (Confidence & Happiness)” by Jeanette Ramirez, is a great vessel of advice to help people recognize the signs of emotional abuse, learn how to overcome it and restore happiness to their lives.

Alcohol and drug addiction is a long sorrowful road and many people go down this road to cover up their emotional scars. This book is a lending hand to those who are victims of emotional abuse or those who know someone who is.

A recent reader review states: “This is a great book that I would recommend for anyone to read. Whether you are in this kind of relationship or may know someone who is, it is a great book that is filled with valuable information. The book gives the signs of abuse, what to look for in a relationship and how to get out of this kind of relationship. It helps to show how to deal with your life after you are out of the abuse and how to move on with your life. This is a really good book to have to help others (whom) you know are in a relationship like this. I recommend this book for anyone who has been in an abusive relationship, or even those who have not just so you will know the signs to watch for in the future. A truly great and informative read!”

Many books focus on battling addiction and having a successful recovery, but this book enlightens people on one of the biggest underlying mechanisms of addiction. If you or someone you know is a victim of emotional abuse, this book may be the guiding light needed to break free. In addition to treating addiction, Sovereign Health Group treats the underlying cause of the addiction in its dual diagnosis treatment program. For more information, call 888-530-4614.

Written by Kristen Fuller, M.D., Sovereign Health Group writer

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