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‘Mind-Body Workbook for Addiction’ provides essential tools for addiction recovery

Posted on 03-25-16 in Addiction

‘Mind-Body Workbook for Addiction’ provides essential tools for addiction recovery

Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is a daily battle, and every tool a person has to help avoid relapse is appreciated. Treatment programs are a huge help in equipping those in recovery with these tools, a process that is maintained afterward with a continuing care program. One of the many ways that treatment and continuing care programs do this is through the use of various workbooks. The “Mind-Body Workbook for Addiction: Effective Tools for Substance-Abuse Recovery and Relapse Prevention,” written by Stanley Block, M.D., Carolyn Bryant Block and Guy du Plessis, is made to help in this process.

Whether or not someone has gone through a treatment program, “The Mind-Body Workbook” is built to help the reader stay sober through the use of a mind-body bridging modality. The mind-body method teaches readers a host of proven tools to help in their life-long recovery. These include:

  • Regulating strong emotions such as anxiety, worry, stress, etc.
  • Becoming aware of negative thoughts
  • Experiencing negative thoughts without trying to push them away
  • Using psychical senses to become grounded and relaxed rather than using drugs or alcohol

This workbook provides readers with this mind-body technique to help them overcome their addiction, stay sober and build a better life for themselves while also teaching them how to manage emotions and stress. It is outfitted with easy-to-use exercises that help to uncover triggers, keep the reader grounded and reduce the chances of future relapse.

This isn’t the only workbook that is made to help overcome addiction, to be sure, but it has received great reviews and a positive reception. According to Adam Gorman, Psy.D., the workbook “is a resource addiction professionals have been waiting for. It explains relapse … and offers simple yet brilliant explanations and exercises to not only understand cravings but also combat them.”

Similarly, Davelyn Virdine, Ph.D., and director of education at the Wayne Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy at Bellarmine University, provides a positive review for the workbook. Virdine states that it “integrates each of these into an accessible and highly effective tool for recovery, one that will be useful for a lifetime. … This is a book that may save your life.”

About the authors

‘The Mind-Body Workbook for Addiction’ was created through the collaboration of Stanley Block, M.D., Carolyn Block and Guy du Plessis.

Stanley Block is an adjunct professor of psychiatry at the University of Utah School of Medicine. He is a board-certified psychiatrist and psychoanalyst and a consultant at the U.S. Army and Veterans Administration Hospitals. Block also lectures and consults with treatment centers around the world and has coauthored several books.

Carolyn Block is the wife of Stanley Block and coauthor with him on several other books including “Bridging the I-System,” “Come to Your Senses” and more. She is also the co-developer of the mind-body bridging method.

Lastly, Guy du Plessis is a faculty mentor in the School of Behavioral Sciences at California Southern University, a faculty member at the Wayne Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy at Bellarmine University, a board-certified counselor, and specializes in addiction treatment and research. He has worked in addiction treatment for more than 15 years as a counselor, head of treatment, program director, clinical director and researcher. He also authored “An Integral Guide to Recovery” and several articles in the field of addiction studies, theoretical psychology and philosophy.

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