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New meth wave blowing across US rings an alarm bell for law enforcement agencies

04-13-18 Category: Addiction

New meth wave blowing across US rings an alarm bell for law enforcement agencies

Considering the intensity of the American opioid epidemic, government agencies, in tandem with non-profit organizations, are busy educating and informing people about the need to attend addiction treatment facilities or keep naloxone with them in a bid to curb the increasing number of opioid overdose cases. And it seems that after opioids, methamphetamine abuse and addiction is the next drug crisis staring at the United States. The meth wave seems to blow across the country after a brief lull.

As opposed to home-cooked meth that took the nation by storm a decade ago, today’s methamphetamine is being prepared in large quantities and smuggled across the U.S.-Mexico border. Mexican drug cartels have flooded the market with the pure and low-cost variety. Experts say that methamphetamine available now in the U.S. is more powerful and cheaper owing to its mass production.

Elucidating how meth smuggled by Mexican cartels are gradually finding its way to various communities in the U.S., Major Robert Mailhiot, head of St. Petersburg police’s vice and narcotics unit, said, “Individuals that were cooking it themselves, those ‘one-pot cooks’ as they called it, they’re not doing that anymore. They’ve really, really decreased because methamphetamine’s coming out of Mexico, they have super labs there and it’s very cheap and they’re flooding the market with it, and we’re definitely seeing it here in Pinellas County.”

New kind of meth is purer and cheaper

With great amounts of the drug being now made available to people looking to possess and abuse the inexpensive kind, there is a risk of increasing number of Americans falling prey to meth abuse. The meth scourge will adversely affect the American population, according to Steven Bell, a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) spokesperson involved with the drug for more than two decades. “A wholesale plummet of price per pound, combined with a huge increase of purity, tells me they have perfected the production or manufacturing of methamphetamine. They have figured out the chemical reactions to get the best bang for their bucks,” Bell said.

Experts feel that the new kind of meth in its pure and cheaper form will also attract chronic drug users who are dependent on some other substance. Authorities have not achieved much success in curbing meth use. This is evident from data published online by the DEA in its report titled “2017 National Drug Threat Assessment” that highlights a 255 percent rise in meth users from 2005 to 2015. Large-scale manufacture and consequent illegal passage into the U.S. territory will add to the existing problem.

Seeking recovery from meth addiction

It is not easy to let go off the feeling of dependence on drugs, especially if one is hooked on substances like methamphetamine. However, meth addiction can be treated with timely professional help. Sovereign Health provides comprehensive mental health and substance abuse treatment. Medical practitioners at our rehabilitation centers integrate various treatment processes, including medication, counseling and behavioral therapies, to ensure complete recovery. If you or your loved one is seeking meth addiction treatment, call our 24/7 helpline or chat with our online counselor for more information about our evidence-based treatment for meth abuse.

Remember that the first step to healing is to realize that you have a problem. Shying away from treatment or refraining from sharing problems with loved ones out of fear of social isolation will only exacerbate your addiction problems. Addiction, if left untreated, not only results in physiological disorders, but can also ruin one’s physical health.

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