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UNODC vows to pin down drug traffickers across regions

04-19-17 Category: Addiction

UNODC vows to pin down drug traffickers across regions

Drug trafficking, a massive problem across the world, not only threatens the security of a nation but poses a major threat to public health. The illegal drug trade garners a huge profit for peddlers and organized factions. However, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has vowed to take on this menace head on and attack it from all fronts in its member states.

Countries ravaged by addiction have realized how detrimental drug trafficking can be to its growth and prosperity. The illicit business only cripples the economies of these countries. Drug trafficking impacts a nation’s foreign investments and undermines the confidence of international development efforts. The illegal trade encourages and promotes terrorist activities. In fact, it is an integral part of terrorism.

For instance, on the Southern Route (illegal drug flows from Afghanistan to the south), heroin trafficking forms the basis of other organized crimes and is a key catalyst that drives corruption. Experts also believe that drug trafficking forms a crucial funding source for the Taliban, the force that has derailed the stability and security of the region, jeopardizing the lives of the people.

Representatives from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and Columbia met in March 2017 and exchanged ideas and best practices to counter the menace of drug trafficking and disrupt the organized crime groups. The workshop, called “Understanding and disrupting illicit financial flows associated with the Southern Route for opiate trafficking,” held in Zanzibar, Tanzania, decided to reinforce the UNODC’s ongoing technical assistance activities and improve its works of the Southern Route and Paris Pact initiatives.

Discussions at the event dealt with myriad topics – investigating cocaine trafficking networks, unearthing the drug-terrorism nexus, and developing and retaining financial investigation experts. An extensive discussion was held on strategic planning for the financial disruption of organized crime networks, ways to enhance national anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism, risk assessments and lot more.

Experts also agreed to meet every six months so that it becomes a continual process and a kind of a ritual. The event concluded with a mission of a One-UN approach where experts from UNODC’s Global and Regional Programs and Country Offices looked at bringing the countries in these regions together and formulating strategies to tackle drugs, crime and terrorism.

Drug trafficking a big problem in US

Drug trafficking is not endemic to any particular region, in fact, it is a global problem, especially in countries where addiction is a national health concern. In the United States, drug trafficking is a serious issue, especially in those areas that share borders with countries which are infamous for hosting numerous drug hideouts and cartels. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), it makes more than 30,000 arrests every year related to the sales and distribution of illegal narcotics.

Dealing with addiction

Addiction is a scourge which can potentially derail a healthy, normally-functioning society and impede the development of future generations.A major public health concern, addiction ruins the country by crippling the prospective minds of a nation. Someone addicted to a substance gradually becomes inept in leading a normal life and might take to illegal means to satiate the hunger for drugs like marijuana.

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