For Healthcare Professionals

For Healthcare Professionals

Many Sovereign Health patients enter treatment by way of referral from a physician or therapist. We have streamlined the admissions process to ensure patients receive treatment quickly and without having to navigate through paperwork or bureaucracy. We also make it easy for a health professional to remain involved in the patient’s treatment if they so desire.

Removing all obstacles

We excel in treating behavioral health issues as well as eliminating the hassles associated with insurance claims. When a health professional refers a patient to Sovereign Health, we appreciate the enormity of the trust the professional has placed in us. Treatment is a huge step for anyone to take. A patient has enough on his or her plate to worry about. We take care of all the behind-the-scenes activity so that the patient can focus solely on treatment.

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The referral process

  1. Identifying a referral. When a health professional wants to refer a patient to Sovereign Health, they can call our admissions team through our 24/7 helpline or email us at
  2. Collaboration. Sovereign Health works with the health professional to build a patient file. HIPAA rules protect the patient’s privacy. We work with the health professional to gather as much information as regulations allow.
  3. Intake. During intake, Sovereign Health staff discuss consent forms with the patient. We will not release any information without the patient’s signed consent. The patient can fill out multiple consent forms depending on the number of people he or she wants to be kept informed.
  4. Post-intake. Sovereign Health contacts the referring health professional within three days after the patient enters treatment. We are aware that not all health professionals choose to stay apprised of a patient’s progress.
  5. Referral coordinator. For health professionals who choose to remain involved in a patient’s recovery, our referral coordinator contacts the health professional. This phone call serves to establish the relationship between Sovereign Health and the referent. During this phone call, the parties decide on the nature and frequency of patient updates.
  6. Discharge planning. Patients who successfully complete treatment are entitled to one year of continuing care treatment. We encourage health professionals to integrate continuing care into the patient’s post-treatment regimen. It is imperative newly sober individuals maintain connection to the sober community.

Sovereign Health treats addiction, mental illness and dual diagnosis or co-occurring conditions. Clinical is but one part of treatment – and our clinicians are the best in the business. Our expert administrative professionals ensure patients enter treatment seamlessly. We work out all the details in advance so patients focus solely on treatment.

For more information or to begin the referral process, please call our 24/7 helpline.

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