Alcohol Abuse

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07-18   Binge drinking increases effectiveness in directing attention to alcohol cues, says study

People are well aware of the numerous and adverse effects of alcohol, yet many continue to drink, with some even indulging in binge drinking. A recent study has suggested that alcohol use and its effect can alter the way information is processed in the brain. According to the study, titled “Attentional blink to alcohol cues […]

03-31   Alcohol Awareness Month: Recognizing the Alcohol-Free Weekend

April 2016 will mark the 30th Annual National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) observance of Alcohol Awareness Month, which is acknowledged throughout the month of April. To initiate this month of awareness, April 1 through 3 is announced to be the Alcohol-Free Weekend, an integral part of the Alcohol Awareness Month. Alcohol Awareness […]

01-17   Mental health challenges of children of alcoholics

Picture a child of an alcoholic. A fundamental power imbalance prevails. If a parent yells at the child, deeming him as the problem, the child tends to believe that. The person the child would normally go to for comfort and consolation is the one who is threatening him. Emphasis on the family shifts from cooperating […]

12-12   The dangers of weekend binge drinking

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“No longer can we consider chronic alcohol consumption as the only factor in developing alcoholic liver disease.” So says Shivendra Shukla, Ph.D., and professor at the University of Missouri School of Medicine. Shukla is the lead author of a study which found a connection between weekend binge drinking and serious alcohol-related problems. Chronic versus binging […]


08-05   Pessimistic about powdered alcohol: Poll reveals uncertainty over new alcoholic invention

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The recent invention of powdered alcohol has been raising a few eyebrows. With the underage drinking rate at 22.7 percent, some foresee this product as having a high potential for abuse among those who are not yet old enough to legally drink. A recent poll suggests that 90 percent of Americans were concerned over the […]

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