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Pessimistic about powdered alcohol: Poll reveals uncertainty over new alcoholic invention

Posted on 08-05-15 in Alcohol Abuse

Pessimistic about powdered alcohol: Poll reveals uncertainty over new alcoholic invention

The recent invention of powdered alcohol has been raising a few eyebrows. With the underage drinking rate at 22.7 percent, some foresee this product as having a high potential for abuse among those who are not yet old enough to legally drink. A recent poll suggests that 90 percent of Americans were concerned over the legislation of powdered alcohol due to the potential for abuse by those under the legal drinking age.

Powdered alcohol is produced by a private company under the name Palcohol. It is sold in one ounce packets. The powder, enclosed in individual packets, is added to water to create rum, vodka or mixed drinks. Each individual packet of powder has the alcohol content of one shot, which is 10 percent alcohol by volume.

Dr. Matthew M. Davis, a professor of pediatrics and internal medicine in the Child Health Evaluation and Research Unit at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and director of the National Poll on Children’s Health, said, “The product’s makers tout powdered alcohol as improving convenience for people who enjoy the outdoors and others who want to travel light with alcoholic beverages.”

Dr. Davis added “Given that several states are considering legislation about powdered alcohol, our poll looked at what the public thinks about this new product…The majority of adults agree that powdered alcohol may spell trouble for young people.” This poll was administered across the U.S. in May of 2015 and all subjects were given information regarding the assets and liabilities of the product before they were asked for their opinions.

The results of the poll revealed that 60 percent of adults are in favor of completely banning powdered alcohol and 84 percent are in favor of barring online sales. When it comes to advertising powdered alcohol online, 85 percent of those surveyed agreed that the product should not be advertised on social media sites that cater to a younger demographic. The majority of those included in the poll, that is, 81 percent of participants, believed that it would be easy for people under 21 to buy powdered alcohol. In this same vein, 85 percent of respondents were worried that powdered alcohol will increase the alcohol abuse rate among people under 21.

Powdered alcohol is currently banned in 15 states and several more are considering banning or restricting the sales of powdered alcohol.

Dr. Davis concluded, “In the U.S., parents, communities and health care providers already face serious challenges with underage alcohol abuse and its harmful effects on children’s health. This poll indicates common concern among our communities over potential abuse and misuse of powdered alcohol as well as the product’s potential to exacerbate the problem of underage drinking.”

Previous studies have shown that American adults view alcohol abuse as one of the leading issues affecting children’s health in the U.S. today. Additionally, nearly 88,000 Americans die from alcohol related deaths every year and alcohol abuse is the third leading preventable cause of death in the U.S.

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Written by Benjamin Creekmore, Sovereign Health Group writer