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07-18   Binge drinking increases effectiveness in directing attention to alcohol cues, says study

People are well aware of the numerous and adverse effects of alcohol, yet many continue to drink, with some even indulging in binge drinking. A recent study has suggested that alcohol use and its effect can alter the way information is processed in the brain. According to the study, titled “Attentional blink to alcohol cues […]

trend of voluntary sobriety

02-26   Dry January and the trend of voluntary sobriety

Now that holiday hangovers have been packed away with wrapping, and Valentine’s debauchery has become as unpalatable as cheap chocolate and stale hearts, there’s no longer an excuse to forgo your resolution to quit drinking, well, at least for a month. Increasingly, celebrities and social medialites are broadcasting their voluntary sobriety, or abstinence in individuals […]

02-20   The madness of March drinking holidays

March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, Daylight Savings Time and Easter make for a jam-packed month. With more sunlight to enjoy the outdoors mixed with college basketball tournaments and Irish car bombs, March Madness allows for more time to celebrate with fellow basketball fans and partying Irish. This means more alcohol and drunken debauchery, […]

02-10   A sober look at mobile hangover clinics

  Years ago, a former coworker mused at what he and his high school buddies used to call the “$50 fix.” They would binge drink, check into the local hospital, pay the $50 deductible and get an IV to rehydrate and refuel, so they could continue imbibing. It sounds crazy, but mobile intravenous clinics have […]

01-30   Scientists discover liver hormone that may reduce sugar and alcohol cravings

This past December, two research teams independently made the same discovery: A hormone that originates primarily in the liver might be responsible for regulating both sugar and alcohol-cravings. FGF21: A liver hormone that reduces cravings The first study examined how fibroblast growth factor 21 (or FGF21) impacted nutrient preference in mice and monkeys. FGF21 is […]

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