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Father’s rejection may trigger social anxiety among teens, finds study

12-28-17 Category: Anxiety

Father’s rejection may trigger social anxiety among teens, finds study

The family atmosphere often plays an important role in an adolescent’s growth and development. Parents, considered as role models for children, exert a great influence on their behavioral health. A recent study has suggested that healthy relationships between parents and their teen children are vital for the latter’s development and well-being.

According to the study by researchers from the Pennsylvania State University, rejection from fathers may contribute to increasing social anxiety and loneliness among teens. The study looked at how parental rejection, along with the overall well-being of the family unit, was related to changes observed in an adolescent’s friendships, social relationships and feelings of loneliness over time.

For the study, the researchers focused on 687 families, each comprising a father, a mother and an adolescent who were examined at three points of child development — a child’s sixth, seventh and eighth grades. During the experiment, the researchers asked both the mother and father about their feelings of love, distrust and dissatisfaction with their child and measured rejection by mother and father separately. The parents were also asked about the overall family environment. In addition, the teens also reported their feelings of loneliness, social anxiety and quality of friendship.

The researchers concluded that while parental rejection was associated with poorer social adjustment, father’s rejection in sixth grade was found to be associated with an increase in social anxiety among teens when they reached seventh grade and an increase in loneliness in eighth grade. As per the study, fathers’ rejecting attitudes toward teens might contribute to making them more nervous about forthcoming social situations, leading to more social isolation and feelings of loneliness.

“We found that father rejection predicted increases in adolescents’ social anxiety, even when we controlled for social anxiety at an earlier time. In turn, this predicted increases in loneliness later on,” said lead author Hio Wa Mak. According to the researchers, the findings further reinforced the importance of father and child relationship and how this can also help formulate better intervention strategies, such as helping teens with social anxiety issues.

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