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Former cricketer Mark Richardson reveals his battle with anxiety

03-30-18 Category: Anxiety

Former cricketer Mark Richardson reveals his battle with anxiety

Mark Richardson, former New Zealand cricketer and now a sports commentator for The AM Show, recently talked about his struggle with mental illness and his own ways of coping with the condition. Opening up on the show about his anxiety issue, he said that almost a decade ago he had a strong feeling that he was afflicted with some health issue. However, he ruled out the presence of depression.

Sharing more information about his condition, he said he felt the pangs of anxiety in the initial days of working in broadcasting when he had too many projects to handle. Though he was extremely excited about the projects, he felt overwhelmed by the increased work load. Further substantiating his emotions, he said, “I had a lot of things going on in my life, and there was something wrong. Something wasn’t right – and you just knew it, you just felt it.”

In order to combat anxiety, he started exercising regularly – jogging, running, etc. Stepping out in the open and exercising extensively helped him gain control over his unnecessary anxieties and fears. At the end, he was successful in not only escaping the repercussions of anxiety but also in gaining control over it. Furthermore, he described that the pain experienced after an hour of running infused in him an incredible and inspiring feeling, making him more capable to deal with any anxiety. Based on his experience, he opined that the sure-shot way to wipe out all doubts and uncertainties from the mind was physical activity.

Like Richardson, a number of other celebrity players like Andrew Flintoff, Steve Harmison and Marcus Trescothick have disclosed their struggles with anxiety and depression. Used to public adulation and living in the limelight, it often becomes difficult for any player to go through retirement. Many players have admitted to grappling with such feelings after retirement. Even a poor performance in the field or heavy criticism by critics can push them closer to anxiety and depression.

Overactive thyroid can also trigger anxiety

Anxiety is not caused or developed by one single issue, rather a combination of problems is responsible for it. Some of the factors are personality issues, traumatic life experiences and debilitating physical health. If not reined in at the right juncture, it can worsen over time and become a leading cause of disability in life.

Some of the common triggers of anxiety include work stress, financial hardships, poor work and-life balance, critical changes like pregnancy, family and relationship glitches, emotional shock, etc. A person can experience unnecessary worries due to personal loss, breakup, and verbal, sexual, physical or emotional abuse. At times, physical conditions like overactive thyroid can also trigger anxiety. People leading a risky life and indulging in drug-seeking behaviors also stand vulnerable to developing the severe levels of anxieties. Moreover, people battling undergo anxiety also run the risk of consuming alcohol or other drugs to cope with their condition that can lead to addiction problem.

Seek treatment to overcome anxiety

When experiencing the persistent levels of anxiety, it becomes essential to treat the problem to avoid exacerbation of the symptoms. One can treat anxiety using a range of therapeutic measures and medications. It’s critical to understand that persistent anxiety is a sign of a mental disorder that needs professional intervention. The ignorance of the signs or insufficient treatment of the condition can create more problems and impact the overall well-being.

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