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Kylie Minogue opens up about her persistent anxiety

04-03-18 Category: Anxiety, Behavioral Health

Kylie Minogue opens up about her persistent anxiety  It is common to feel worried. In fact, worrying about matters and issues pertaining to our everyday lives helps avoid making rash decisions. But worrying in excess may cause an individual to suffer from psychological problems like an anxiety disorder. The problem of anxiety disorders can affect anyone, irrespective of gender, age or social status. This is evident from the recent revelation by singer and actress Kylie Minogue, who said that at times, she suffers from anxiety and drinks tea to get rid of her negative thoughts.

Like most affected people, Minogue does not like seeking professional help. Therefore, the 49-year-old star has devised an alternative way to deal with her feelings. “My 98-year-old grandma said years ago, ‘What you need to is lie flat, and you put your arms up and you just lie like that for 10 minutes.’ And she’s so right, so I will,” she said.

Anxiety disorders are common across the globe. In the U.S., more than 40 million people aged 18 and above suffer from an anxiety disorder in a given year. Dealing with individuals battling anxiety is tough. It is difficult to rationalize with them the futility of their thoughts and their unexplained logic when they are experiencing symptoms of this disorder. Dealing with anxiety without a mental health expert ca be difficult. However, following are certain life hacks that one may try along with medication or therapy for managing anxiety:

  • Curb negative sensations: Most anxious people tend to overtly think or feel excessively worried about certain matters. Common are tendencies of hypochondria that make affected people extremely sensitive about their health and feel concerned for even the most trivial issues. The unnecessary thoughts and false emotional sensations must be recognized as triggers to further panic and should be checked immediately.
  • Focus on breathing: People tend to hold their breath when they get tense. Focus on relaxation techniques like breathing out that can help relax the nerves. Regulating and focusing on one’s own breath is a way of meditation that has a healing effect on one’s mind. When the mind wanders around, it is time to control it through breathing exercises.
  • Stop hitting panic button: Every incident may not culminate into an act of emergency. But for those persistently anxious, even the most insignificant issue can send them reeling into panic and extreme fear. Such people must realize that the situation is temporary and can be dealt with calm and pragmatism. Whenever the sense of anxiety creeps in, they must question themselves, “Will this situation exist or make sense after a month or year?” The tendency to refrain from taking every situation with utter seriousness can help get rid of panic and anxiety attacks.
  • Don’t let worries affect life: One should live one’s life to the fullest. Stop letting worries hamper one’s daily life activities. Most situations will turn out to be ephemeral in nature – worrying over them incessantly will not help solve them. 

Treating anxiety

Treatment of anxiety disorders is possible. However, only a small percentage of the affected Americans receive treatment. This is because most people shy away from necessary treatment for fear of discrimination and exclusion from social life. Early treatment for anxiety disorders is necessary for better recovery from the condition.

If you or a loved one is grappling with an anxiety disorder, seek treatment at a reputed mental health care provider. Sovereign Health provides customized and evidence-based programs at its anxiety disorder treatment centers to treat a patient holistically. For more information about our facilities providing anxiety disorder treatment in your vicinity, call our 24/7 helpline number or chat with our online representative.

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