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10-12   International OCD Awareness Week: Scientists use brain scans to measure changes in cerebral activity of patients of OCD

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a condition of the brain characterized by intrusive, unavoidable and anxiety-creating thoughts, and repetitive ritualistic behaviors. Uncontrollable urges and thoughts like recurrent anxiety about germs or personal safety are common obsessions associated with OCD. And excessive hand-washing or door-checking are common examples of compulsions that are linked to the disorder. Common […]

09-25   Finding an Excellent Addiction/Behavioral Health Treatment Rehabilitation Facility

By Dan Marzullo Making the choice get help for drug or alcohol addiction, or an eating disorder, or any number of behavioral health issues such as depression or anxiety, is a life-changing event. But where to find that help? A Google search of ‘addiction treatment’ will return a virtual flood of ads about facilities, methods […]

05-19   Telemedicine: Cutting-Edge Technology for Behavioral Health Treatment
by Lise Millay Stevens

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Telemedicine Briefing: Experts Urge the Use of New Technology to Close Gaps in Children’s Behavioral Health Care On May 16, health experts, industry executives and other stakeholders convened at Top of the Hill in Washington, D.C., to discuss the pressing problem of the huge gaps and unmet needs in pediatric behavioral health care in America. […]

02-21   Measurement-based care: Troubleshooting problems and overcoming barriers

  Change is not always easy. Asking others to change is even harder. Implementing measurement-based care (MBC) into the behavioral health care setting is feasible, but some resistance to the change can be expected. Nevertheless, the rewards should be worth the trouble. The shift toward MBC stands to benefit all parties involved, including patients, providers […]

02-09   Measurement-based care: Getting started

While there is more to implementing measurement-based care (MBC) than handing out questionnaires, the process itself is not impossibly difficult or costly. The application of a few basic principles can help health care providers incorporate MBC into their practice and benefit from the advantages it offers. The first article in this series, “Does behavioral health […]

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