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‘John F Kennedy was a regular meth user’
06-18-18 Category: Addiction

John F. Kennedy had an addiction to methamphetamine which was injected into his throat by a German doctor, according to a report published online by Kennedy, who had a chronic back problem and Addison’s disease, would take crystal meth to deal with the crippling illnesses. According to the report, the former United States president […]

California is paying for users to test their drugs for fentanyl
06-06-18 Category: Addiction

With fentanyl-related deaths on the rise in California – estimates indicate they have nearly trebled between 2016 and 2017 – officials have come up with a novel idea to ensure the drug users’ safety. California’s public health department is now paying for users to test their drugs for fentanyl. The program began in May 2017, […]

U.S. Policy on the Opioid Epidemic: A State of Confusion
06-05-18 Category: Opioid

By Lise Millay Stevens When it comes to combatting the U.S. opioid epidemic, the current administration appears to be in a self-induced haze. According to WJHL News, agents from the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration raided nine clinics in Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee that provide medication-assisted therapy, a bonafide treatment option for opioid addiction. Behavioral […]

What happens when someone is forced into rehab
06-04-18 Category: Drug Addiction

When someone enters an addiction help center by choice, the chances of recovery are more compared to when he/she is coerced into an addiction clinic. However, in certain instances it becomes imperative for others, including parents, spouse, etc., to take the help of law to commit a person to an addiction disorder treatment against his/her […]

Health Net:  The Bad, the Ugly and No Good <br><small>By Lise Millay Stevens</small>
06-01-18 Category: Substance Abuse

Insurance giant Health Net (a subsidiary of Centene Corp.) has lost yet another legal challenge in connection to their business practices. According to a press release from Consumer Watchdog (a non-profit and non-partisan public interest organization), a recent class-action lawsuit compels Health Net to reimburse current and former clients who purchased Health Net preferred provider […]

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