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California is paying for users to test their drugs for fentanyl
06-06-18 Category: Addiction

With fentanyl-related deaths on the rise in California – estimates indicate they have nearly trebled between 2016 and 2017 – officials have come up with a novel idea to ensure the drug users’ safety. California’s public health department is now paying for users to test their drugs for fentanyl. The program began in May 2017, […]

U.S. Policy on the Opioid Epidemic: A State of Confusion
06-05-18 Category: Opioid

By Lise Millay Stevens When it comes to combatting the U.S. opioid epidemic, the current administration appears to be in a self-induced haze. According to WJHL News, agents from the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration raided nine clinics in Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee that provide medication-assisted therapy, a bonafide treatment option for opioid addiction. Behavioral […]

What happens when someone is forced into rehab
06-04-18 Category: Drug Addiction

When someone enters an addiction help center by choice, the chances of recovery are more compared to when he/she is coerced into an addiction clinic. However, in certain instances it becomes imperative for others, including parents, spouse, etc., to take the help of law to commit a person to an addiction disorder treatment against his/her […]

Health Net:  The Bad, the Ugly and No Good <br><small>By Lise Millay Stevens</small>
06-01-18 Category: Substance Abuse

Insurance giant Health Net (a subsidiary of Centene Corp.) has lost yet another legal challenge in connection to their business practices. According to a press release from Consumer Watchdog (a non-profit and non-partisan public interest organization), a recent class-action lawsuit compels Health Net to reimburse current and former clients who purchased Health Net preferred provider […]

NFL legend Brett Favre reveals how it feels to live with addiction
05-28-18 Category: Addiction

Drug addiction has affected innumerable lives in the United States, be it celebrities or commoners. Recently, former American footballer Brett Lorenzo Favre confessed to having been admitted thrice to addiction treatment rehab to get rid of his dependence on alcohol and prescription drugs. Favre’s drinking problem and addiction to pain reliever Vicodin had landed him […]

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