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Learning How to Perform Under Pressure

Posted on 03-06-15 in Book Review

Learning How to Perform Under Pressure

Anyone who has ever applied for a job has been asked if they perform well under pressure. Here at Sovereign Health, if one is honest, we take that to a whole new level. Try the pressure of a popular coffee shop or restaurant during the lunch rush and times it by about, say, 20 and you have the pressure of a day at Sovereign Health. Thankfully the Sovereign staff knows how to handle it well.

That doesn’t mean that the pressure can’t get in one’s head though. Working under pressure can at very rare moments act as a motivator to work hard, but it more often reduces a person to frustrated tears because his or her mind ceases to cooperate. Pressure can diminish concentration, judgment, attention-span and overall performance. So how does one avoid these devastating effects?

In their book “Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most”, Dr. Hendrie Weisinger and co-author J. P. Pawliw-Fry seek to help answer that question. Weisinger and Pawliw-Fry introduce readers to the concept of pressure management by offering empirically tested short and long term solutions to help readers overcome the adverse effects of pressure.

In their effort to teach readers how to diminish the effects of pressure, the authors gathered research from over 12,000 people and the latest findings of neuroscience. They also made sure to include the frontline experiences of Fortune 500 employees and managers, Navy SEALS, Olympic and other elite athletes, and more individuals who have stared extreme pressure in the face. The book offers 22 specific strategies readers can use to reduce pressure in both their personal and professional lives and allow them to better excel in whatever they seek to accomplish.

Other readers have already boasted of the benefits of this book. Readers have stated that it “provides practical tips [one] can start using immediately” and that it “pairs important science with compelling stories and useful and effective tools.”

Whatever the source of pressure is, a looming deadline or an extremely stressful patient, having the skills to perform well under pressure can make all the difference. “Performing Under Pressure” was made to help you do just that and allow you to do your best when it really does matter the most.

Hendrie Weisinger, Ph.D., is a world-renowned psychologist and pioneer in the field of pressure management, as well as the author of a number of bestselling books. To learn more about Dr. Weisinger and his book you can visit his site

J.P. Pawliw-Fry is an international performance coach and advisor to Olympic athletes and senior business executives. He is also president of the Institute for Health and Human Potential, a research firm that trains and coaches leaders and organizations to perform more effectively under pressure. To learn more about Pawliw-Fry and the book you can visit

Written by Brianna Gibbons, Sovereign Health Group writer