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Sovereign Health’s most notable campaigns of 2016

12-02-16 Category: campaigns

Sovereign Health has spearheaded a wide range of communications projects in 2016, including awareness campaigns, breaking news coverage, guest article contributions, editorial content packages and updated websites. Our staff continues to provide insight, support and information to help fuel the conversation on behavioral health.

Here’s a look at our top 2016 crusades.

Sovereign Health's most notable campaigns of 2016

  1. The State of Addiction Policy is a nearly yearlong investigative and illustrative 10-part series examining the ways in which politics and social morays have affected addiction and behavioral health from the turn of the previous century right up to the recent presidential election. This series includes infographics, interactive surveys and in-depth investigation into a range of political, legal and social subjects.Sovereign Health's most notable campaigns of 2016
  2. Unlocking the Black Box of Schizophrenia is an editorial series written to coincide with both Mental Health Awareness Month as well as Schizophrenia Awareness week. The four revealing articles and eye-opening infographics give readers an X-ray of the reality of schizophrenia by exploring the origins, symptoms and social stigma of the widely misunderstood disease.Sovereign Health's most notable campaigns of 2016
  3. NIMBY, meaning “Not In My Back Yard,” is a term for people who resist new (and often vital) developments that are close to where they live. It is a particularly hot topic for owners of homes and businesses near residential rehabilitation houses in Southern California. In our six-part Not in My Backyard editorial series, Sovereign Health’s digital newsroom conducted original research into the effects of rehabilitation houses, revealing that treatment homes provide benefits both to public health as well as the local communities they reside in.Sovereign Health's most notable campaigns of 2016
  4. Sovereign followed up on the Not in My Backyard series with a second series, Beyond NIMBY. This series continues the investigation into the NIMBY phenomenon by covering the varying ways in which cities throughout Southern California have reacted to residential treatment homes in their neighborhoods. The series reports on recent city council meetings and other local efforts as well as provides factual information on how treatment is provided in various types of facilities.Sovereign Health's most notable campaigns of 2016
  1. In addition to our family therapy, intensive family weekends and Continuing Care for former patients, Sovereign felt impressed to provide loved ones and those in or needing behavioral health recovery all-inclusive resources to navigate the road to recovery. So we developed two interactive digital toolkits packed with informative articles, interactive content and downloadable guidebooks. Click here to check out our “Relationships in Recovery” substance abuse toolkit and “The Unbearable Weight” eating disorder toolkit.Sovereign Health's most notable campaigns of 2016
  2. Since October 2015, Dr. Ralph Ryback, M.D., has collaborated with our senior staff writers in a partnership with Psychology Today to bring insightful articles on fascinating clinical topics. Twice a month, we’ve delivered informative and insightful articles to educate and inform Psychology Today readers. Check out our most-shared article from the bunch, with over 130,000 views: “4 Disorders That Resemble Depression, But Aren’t.”Sovereign Health's most notable campaigns of 2016
  3. Sovereign’s digital news writers also contributed articles to The Hill, Step 12 Magazine, The Addict’s Mom, Partnership for Drug Free Kids, and OC Business Journal. These partnerships help Sovereign spread useful information to people in need as well as help establish the company as a trusted authority on behavioral health treatment.Sovereign Health's most notable campaigns of 2016
  4. Sovereign Heath’s Public Relations department and our Content Team banded together to launch a social media campaign pulling back the curtain on negative mental health perceptions in people’s social circles and families. We urged the community to post the hashtag #FightingMHStigma on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with a photo, video or status in support of humanizing mental health disorders.Sovereign Health's most notable campaigns of 2016
  5. In April of this year, the Sovereign kicked off Alcohol Awareness Month with a three-part series covering relevant topics about alcohol consumption, including a history of Alcohol Awareness Month, a look at the Alcohol Free Weekend movement, and an interesting listicle covering surprising facts about alcohol. The series also includes a survey on readers’ drinking habits.Sovereign Health's most notable campaigns of 2016
  6. In early June of this year, Orlando, Florida, experienced the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. Sovereign Health staff from across the country spoke up, and our company released 10 encouraging videos of support to Orlando and the loved ones of those who were killed. We also provided a telephone helpline for distraught friends, family members or surviving victims of the night club shooting.
    Our public relations team also enfolded the Palm Springs, Calfornia, community in a blanket of support with a private therapeutic helpline for officers and residents of the municipality after a devastating police shooting in that area

Sovereign Health's most notable campaigns of 2016

  1. In November, Sovereign Health supported the Palm Desert LGBTQ Pride festival in the Coachella Valley. Some Sovereign Palm Springs staff members were in attendance as well, and the company hosted an informational booth.Sovereign Health's most notable campaigns of 2016
  2. Sovereign Health is proud to present our completely renewed com website. Boasting an updated look and design, the new website is more than just a facelift: the interface has been streamlined for easier navigation, and the content throughout the website has been renewed to offer information that is both comprehensive and concise. All Sovereign Health websites will be making the transition over the coming months.Sovereign Health's most notable campaigns of 2016
  3. Throughout 2016, Sovereign Health has researched and unearthed deep issues in the field of behavioral health and brought them to life with illustrative and informative style on our blog. Here’s a handful of major articles this year that moved us:

The Sovereign Health digital newsroom looks forward to keeping our followers informed and involved with our behavioral health articles, series and campaigns – in this new year and beyond.

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