Alcohol Abuse

06-09   June is National Safety Month: Beware of BBQs, booze and underage drinkers

Summer kickoff parties begin in June, also known as National Safety Month. Many families enjoy outdoor barbecue parties together and often serve alcoholic beverages. Recently, private party hosts have come under scrutiny for serving or facilitating alcohol to minors through social host liability laws. Although such laws pertain to all guests at a private party, […]

06-08   10 things to never say to a recovering addict

It’s Friday afternoon. Natalie is going around the office, making sure that all of her colleagues know about the department happy hour at the bar down the road. Although most people excitedly accept the invitation, one person tells her that he’s sorry, but he can’t attend – he’s a recovering addict. This is not an […]

06-02   Becoming sober: Alternatives to the 12-step program

Posted in Alcohol Abuse, Recovery

Getting sober is one of the most challenging things one can do. It requires commitment, time, personal inner strength, money, stepping outside of your comfort zone and humility. Many treatment options can help in this challenging process. The 12-step program is a spiritually based guidance program used by addicts who are trying to recover from […]

06-01   The sober bartender: Addiction and sobriety in the hospitality industry

Many Americans have gone through the experience of working in restaurants at some point or another, but there are a few who have had previous battles with addiction and continue working in hospitality while staying sober. This provides recovering addicts and alcoholics with another set of obstacles to overcome while getting sober, but many have […]

05-29   Is marijuana really a gateway drug?

Many people have argued over the idea that marijuana is a “gateway drug,” meaning it can put someone on the fast track to abusing harder drugs. However, results from numerous studies show that there are valid points to the other side of this debate. These studies researched how drug and alcohol users progressed to other […]

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