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06-30   Under pressure: Study reports more than half of college students are seeking anxiety treatment

Anxiety has currently exceeded depression as the most common mental health issue diagnosed among college students. According to a recent study comprised of over 100,000 students across the country, which was conducted by the Center for Collegiate Mental Health at Penn State, over half of students visiting campus clinics are reporting anxiety as a concern. […]

06-30   Study finds that naloxone continues to reverse opioid overdoses

Opioids continue to lead the U.S. drug epidemic and the popularity of these drugs continues to rise. The pharmaceutical industry has even taken measures to combat prescription opioid abuse by implementing a new abuse-deterrent formula of oxycodone (OxyContin). Unfortunately, this effort to change the drug’s recipe led opioid addicts to make the switch over to […]

06-29   New initiative aims to help keep the mentally ill out of jail

The Stepping Up initiative is pushing to help move the mentally ill out of prisons and into appropriate mental health treatment. This national initiative is backed by the American Psychiatric Foundation, the National Association of Counties and the Council on State Government Justice Center. Approximately 2 million inmates in the country have a serious mental […]

06-01   What to do after a relapse

For individuals in recovery, there is nothing more terrifying than the possibility of relapse. Recovering addicts can be sober for weeks, months or even years only to slip back into old habits and lose all of the progress they’ve made. The fear of relapse is not an irrational one, either – the National Institute of […]

05-26   Why smoking and mental illness shouldn’t mix

In the United States, the amount of people smoking cigarettes is beginning to decline resulting in a total drop of about 18 percent in the last 50 years. This downward trend has likely been influenced by a combination of the rising prices of cigarettes, the apparent health consequences that come with smoking, the “trendy” vapes […]

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