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02-11   Air pollution linked to mental illness in children, researchers find

Every year, around 3 million people die from outdoor air pollution worldwide. In the United States, experts estimate that at least 200,000 citizens die yearly due to pollution. Although conditions associated with air pollution typically include lung and heart disease, recent research has indicated that certain pollutants may contribute to mental illness as well. A […]

07-09   The childhood pastimes that flex working memory

“Because it’s there.” – English mountaineer George Mallory, one of the first nonnatives to climb Mount Everest This simple quote encapsulates most of our childhoods. We turned boxes into forts, climbed trees and dug holes all because “it was there.” A new study now spotlights some of those childhood activities dramatically fine-tune working memory. Working […]

Pennsylvania’s legislation

07-08   Pennsylvania’s legislation approved medical marijuana use for minors

In April 2016, Pennsylvania became the 24th state to legalize the use of medical marijuana after Governor Tom Wolf signed Senate Bill 3 (S.B. 3), which established a medical marijuana program. The legalization of medical marijuana has come as a relief to parents of children with epilepsy and other serious medical conditions. The Pennsylvania Department […]

04-17   When children are exposed to drugs at home

Dirty from head to toe, skin riddled with red bedbug bites and wandering her mother’s apartment complex grounds. When police arrived to the call of a toddler meandering alone, the 3-year-old said six shocking words: “I’m hungry … I need a beer.” The mother was found sleeping inside their apartment – replete with cockroaches and […]

pregnancy and substance

03-30   Pregnancy and substance use don’t mix

Substance abuse isn’t healthy for anyone. Using drugs and alcohol brings a catalogue of health risks. There’s a considerable danger of physical injury while under the influence, and drug-seeking behavior can be genuinely hazardous. None of these are healthy for a pregnant person. They’re all unhealthy for the baby, too. During pregnancy, the developing fetus […]

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