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09-21   Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network Day: Male rape victims need support as well

Cast aside all the brouhaha about misogyny, which often translates to women having to endure the blame, stigma and trauma after any sexual assault, in this male-dominated world. The plight of men seems no better. Statistics reveal that male rape victims fare no differently. According to Statistics Canada, males comprise 8 percent of the sexual […]

01-25   Success syndrome: When too much of a good thing backfires

In 1987, paramedic Robert O’Donnell saved Jessica McClure after the toddler fell into a well. He was cheered as a hero. Eight years after his heroic turn, O’Donnell shot himself. There is a saying: Be careful what you wish for. In O’Donnell’s case, he didn’t wish for fame but it found him, and he found […]

euthanasia for substance abuse

12-05   Euthanasia debate: Should those with substance use disorders be free to end their own lives?

Posted in Advocacy, Coping, Recovery

Surrounded by his friends and family, Mark Langedijk, an alcoholic who had been to treatment 21 times in eight years, died in his home by lethal injection on July 14, 2016. Langedijk requested to be euthanized because he didn’t want to live anymore after suffering years of alcoholism along with co-occurring anxiety and depression. Per […]

11-09   Performing under pressure and overcoming stress

In physics, pressure is an antagonist – typically a gaseous or fluid body – that acts upon an object in a perpendicular direction, producing a sensation or physical change. Stress is usually a solid, that can internally affect another body either by perpendicular contact or parallel influence. And so it is with life. Many of […]

tests for mental illness

08-30   Genetic tests for mental illness lead patients to difficult choice

It’s a stressful life of shifting seasons, of waiting, gratifying milestones, striving, joys and some sorrows. It can be a crazy, but it’s the only life you’ve got, and it’s yours. You’re busy trying to make the most of it, making relationship, financial and time investments, and choices chocked with quandary that can change the […]

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