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Breakthroughs in drug and alcohol treatment reach Texas

Posted on 06-24-16 in Depression rehab, Sober Living

Breakthroughs in drug and alcohol treatment reach Texas

As the substance use epidemic in the United States continues to worsen, current drug use trends show that Texas is no exception. Some people avoid treatment because they don’t want to take time off or worry that others will discover their secret. Many others simply do not realize that their health care insurance plan will cover treatment expenses. Then there are the ones who think they can do it on their own as things go from bad to worse.

Of those who acknowledge they need treatment, only about 10 percent receive it at a specialized facility. Of those, most only receive detoxification services and not long-term care. This is unfortunate because longer stays in residential treatment are associated with long-term recovery. Of course, the amount of treatment required depends on the individual and the nature of his or her addiction.

A few of the advantages of residential treatment include:

  • Medication adjustments can be made for optimal results and the fewest side effects.
  • Support is available 24/7 during the most difficult periods of recovery, which are the withdrawal and post-withdrawal periods.
  • New, healthy habits (nutrition, sleep and exercise) have adequate time to become reinforced and replace old, harmful behaviors.
  • Immersion in a recovery environment offers peer support, professional therapeutics and a chance to troubleshoot personal problems in a safe environment.
  • Underlying problems that led to substance abuse — such as trauma-related illness, depression, anxiety and others — can be addressed.
  • A foundation of relationships for a supportive recovery network can be built.
  • The individual can be exposed to new treatments that require several weeks or months to be effective.

New treatment breakthroughs

There have been some new breakthroughs that are helping people overcome drug and alcohol addiction, as well as smoking and other behavioral addictions. State-of-the-art treatment modalities are currently only available at certain specialized treatment centers at this time. Some of these include:

  • Computer-based cognitive behavioral therapy and rehabilitation to regain optimal cognitive function in the recovering brain
  • Extended release formulations of medications that block the effects of opioids, alcohol and other substances (naltrexone and naloxone)
  • Extended release formulations of buprenorphine, including an implantable six-month delivery system that just received FDA approval

Why culturally-sensitive care matters

Cultures provide means of communication, social behavioral norms, spiritual values, traditions and a sense of belonging to their members. Everything, from language to diet to relationships, is rooted in cultural beliefs. El Paso is a large, multicultural city that embraces cultural traditions from Mexico, Native America and contemporary Western society.

Providing culturally sensitive care means that cultural values and needs are incorporated into the program. Different assumptions and biases are acknowledged and considered in the thoughts and behaviors of the care team members. All decision-making and policymaking, therefore, also reflect cultural competence and respect.

About Sovereign Health of Texas

These and other new evidence-based approaches are part of a new center of excellence in El Paso, Texas. Sovereign Health of El Paso, Texas, is a 48-bed facility nestled alongside the beautiful Franklin Mountains State Park. The El Paso facility also offers a dual diagnosis program to help treat substance use disorders within the context of underlying mental illness.

Specialists with expertise in psychiatry, psychology, neurology, substance use disorders, family therapy, nutrition, counseling and many other disciplines collaborate to form comprehensive care teams. After discharge, our Recovery Management Team provides ongoing support to help ensure a seamless transition from treatment to lasting recovery. Sovereign Health of El Paso also provides culturally sensitive care tailored to the needs of its population.

Bilingual care is offered, so that English- and Spanish-speaking patients will share equally in all of the programs, services, groups and classes. Bilingual and bicultural staff will also ensure seamless transition to treatment, so that each client can focus on getting well.

Mexican and Native American food, art, traditions and other nuances have been incorporated into the program at Sovereign Health of El Paso. Our entire staff understands the dynamics that are unique to different cultures. In essence, Sovereign Health includes not only language and communication, but also cultural considerations in every aspect of care.

The Sovereign Health Group is a leader in the treatment of individuals with mental illness, substance use disorders or both. Our dual diagnosis program specializes in treating individuals who have co-occurring conditions. Our bilingual program in El Paso, Texas, offers detoxification, intensive residential and outpatient services to men and women aged 18 and over. Please call our 24/7 confidential helpline to find out more about our treatment programs.

About the author

Dana Connolly, Ph.D., is a senior staff writer for the Sovereign Health Group, where she translates current research into practical information. She earned her Ph.D. in research and theory development from New York University and has decades of experience in clinical care, medical research and health education. The Sovereign Health Group is a health information resource and Dr. Connolly helps to ensure excellence in our model. For more information and other inquiries about this article, contact the author at