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Stress Awareness Month: Ways to manage stress better

04-27-18 Category: Depression

Stress Awareness Month: Ways to manage stress better

Continued and untreated stress can take a toll on one’s life. In fact, most physiological and psychological problems stem from the tendency to worry continually. While a little bit of worrying has its own set of advantages, excess of it can manifest itself as unwarranted depression and other possible mental health problems.

While every job or profession entails some amount of deep thinking or apprehension, entrepreneurs are often found suffering from depression, a result of being under constant stress. Working alone for longer periods, increasing pressure to make their venture successful, and the need to cope with stringent laws of the land usually result in anxieties that go unchecked. For those who find it difficult to move in and out of their work zone, the extent of stress steepens, requiring them to take breaks in between to relax and unwind. Experts recommend the following ways to ward off one’s worries:

Taking a break: The phrase “take a break” emphasizes the need to extract a few minutes of your tight schedule. The few minutes that you spend on yourself helps you focus on things that take away the burden, thus, contributing to your overall well-being. Such breaks are essentially taken to alleviate daily worries. You can meditate for 10-15 minutes or do yoga practices that help lower stress levels.

Scheduling worry breaks: Setting aside a few minutes to focus on problems that continue to occupy your mind will help find and think of relevant solutions. Concentrating only on such specific problems allows to look at the same with a different perspective, thus, allowing scope for constructive solutions. Try to manage worry break schedules when alone. Do not skip taking worry breaks as it is imperative for a sound mental health.

Taking worry breaks in between must be made a habit, instead of having it as an afterthought. Once you have earmarked the date and time in the calendar to focus on worry breaks, adhere and stick to it.

Avoiding unnecessary worrying: Every incident or circumstance must be given its due importance. This means that worrying about something that does not warrant focus only begets unjustified stress. The inability to focus on the right kind of things may lead to aggravated negative thoughts and emotional blackouts. Psychologists advise their patients to channelize their worries unless it is necessary to focus on them. This technique also helps in warding off persistent negative thoughts.

To raise public awareness about both the causes and treatments for stress, every year “Stress Awareness Month” is observed in April. During the month, experts and health care professionals across the country join forces to discuss effective coping skills to manage stress and ways that can help reduce it. It is necessary to check feelings of stress to avoid any severe consequences.

Treating stress-related depression

Depression is common, though the reasons that may cause it vary from one individual to the other. The good thing is that the disorder can be treated with professional help. If you are suffering from depressive disorder, contact Sovereign Health that provides evidence-based treatment for all kinds of mental conditions, including depression. Specialists at our residential treatment centers for depression advise therapeutic methods to treat the condition. For more information about our world-class treatment centers for depression, call our 24/7 helpline. You can also chat with our online counselor for details about the programs available at our depression treatment centers spread across the U.S.

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