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Adolescents turn to social media and dark web to buy Xanax

02-21-18 Category: Drug abuse

Adolescents turn to social media and dark web to buy Xanax

Social media sites are proving to be safe conduits and platforms for teenagers in the United Kingdom to buy Xanax illegally, revealed a recent investigation by the BBC. Even 13-year-olds are now buying this drug online in the UK. It is becoming as popular among the youth as marijuana and alcohol. Otherwise, people in the UK can obtain the drug only through a private prescription.

The report said that dealers advertise Xanax as diazepam on Facebook and Instagram, luring tens and thousands of gullible teenagers to opt for online purchase. A teenager from Kent, who revealed that dealers are easily available online for people to find, admitted to using Xanax along with MDMA and cocaine. He himself scoured the web for dealers to buy his dose of addiction. He was on speed while writing his exams, and spent his entire GCSE year doing drugs on school nights.

Dark web, a safe haven offering the maximum leeway

Apart from social media platforms, there are other platforms where such dubious transactions remain untraceable – the dark web. This medium is also immensely popular among youngsters who can seamlessly buy Xanax, evading the prying eyes of legal authorities. Even pharmaceutical companies are wary of the fact that there is an alarming spike in the sale of counterfeit Xanax on the internet and the dark web.

Xanax sold online are mostly spurious, as dealers put up counterfeit drugs for sale. It is not easy to identify the counterfeit from the real, and buyers are mostly unaware of their composition. This greatly imperils their safety. “We are alarmed by the rise of counterfeit Xanax and its growing availability on the internet and dark web,” said a spokesperson from Pfizer, the pharma company that manufactures Xanax. The counterfeit Xanax drugs come laced with dangerous ingredients like heavy metals, boric acid, floor polish and synthetic opioids like fentanyl. All these can severely impale a user who is unaware of the deadly concoction.

Authorities in the U.K. are now tightening the noose, asking social media companies to block such illegal dealings. Facebook and Instagram, on the other hand, have assured of blocking such sites and have said that they were never legal on their websites.

Situation equally grim in US

The situation in the United States is no different, as the trend of buying illegal Xanax is seen proliferating the country. Xanax is an anxiety and panic disorder medicine that elicits a calming effect on patients by acting on the brain and nerves. The drug interacts with a receptor in the brain and increases inhibitory brain activity. This, in turn, alleviates symptoms associated with anxiety.

However, Xanax also has a high potential for abuse, especially among the youth. Often referred to as ‘xans’ or ‘bars’, it is becoming popular as a party drug, particularly in the U.S.

Dealing with Xanax addiction

Xanax abuse can lead to severe mental and physical side effects, including blurred vision, insomnia, swollen hands and feet, memory problems, etc. If you or a loved one is already addicted to Xanax and is looking for Xanax rehabs, help is easily available. With comprehensive treatment at credible Xanax rehabs, an individual can achieve life-long sobriety.

Sovereign Health is the leading substance abuse treatment provider in the U.S. that offers individualized treatment programs to patients. Our Xanax addiction treatment centers are among the best in the country. For more information about our evidence-based addiction treatment programs, call our 24/7 helpline or chat online with our trained members.

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