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09-27   Pharmacogenetics: A Personalized Approach to Drug Prescribing

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By Michael Cala The fact that medications work differently for different people is not news. When it comes to curing a headache, for example, people tend to know what medication works for them – some people might rely on aspirin, for example, while others may find ibuprofen more effective. In terms of prescription medications, physicians […]

09-18   Pain Awareness Month: Know how to manage pain

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Attempting to alleviate her throbbing back pain, Valerie (name changed), 43, of San Francisco landed in the emergency room of a neighborhood hospital. Her ordeal is an eye-opening account into the dark bottomless pit of painkiller abuse. For years she struggled to make it in the hospitality sector, and finally, after a lot of hard […]

09-13   Heroin deaths increase six-fold since 2002 in US, reveals data

According to the latest government data, heroin deaths have seen a six-fold rise since 2002, increasing by a whopping 640 percent. From 2,089 fatal heroin overdoses in 2002, the death toll has risen to an estimated 15,446 in 2016. Further, the number of heroin users soared by 135 percent from 404,000 in 2002 to 948,000 […]

08-30   International Overdose Awareness Day: America leads with 27% of world’s overdose deaths

As a beautiful morning dawns over the historic heart of the Midwestern town, a pale-looking homeless tramp in her mid-forties, with arms covered in tattoos and a ring in her eyebrow, walks staggeringly along the alleyway near the stretch of the High Street. Her hair is disheveled and the stench emanating from the vomit smeared […]

08-29   Not ‘Gentle on My Mind’: America’s ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ gave in to dual diagnosis

Renowned for his eloquent voice, awe-inspiring personality, and impressive guitar skills, Glen Campbell of “Rhinestone Cowboy” fame had his own share of ups and downs as he journeyed from his humble beginnings in Arkansas to his stardom status in Los Angeles. With his chiseled good looks and electrifying stage presence, the creator of superhit numbers […]

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