Dual diagnosis treatment

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07-19   Republican health bill collapses as 2 more senators oppose it

Repeated attempts of the Trump administration to repeal and replace Obamacare ended in a fiasco on July 18, 2017, after two more Republican senators – Michael Lee of Utah and Gerald Moran of Kansas – decided to vote against the updated version of the health care bill touted as the party’s signature campaign promise. Announcing […]

07-17   Marijuana legalization becomes a bone of contention between states and Feds

For the U.S., marijuana is more than just a drug. Affinity toward the drug owing to its supposed medicinal effects and lack of information about its potential hazards had turned it into a major cause of disagreement among political rivals during the presidential elections in 2016. Democratic Party members expounding their views in favor of […]

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

05-20   How dual diagnosis is treated in other parts of the world

Dual diagnosis is not peculiar to America. Data collected from the Netherlands in 2007 found an 84 percent rate of dual diagnosis among opioid users receiving methadone treatment. A 2009 study of psychiatric patients in a South African hospital revealed over half had a substance abuse problem. This article explores how other countries treat individuals […]