Eating Disorders

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09-05   Increased risk of criminality in women with eating disorders, says study

Complex mental disorders, like eating disorders, can harm one’s physical health, social ties and day-to-day functioning. Characterized by irregular eating habits and severe distress about one’s body shape or weight, eating disorders can develop during any stage in one’s life and may include inadequate or excessive food intake. Life-threatening in nature, the three common eating […]

08-11   Face-to-face CBT more effective for binge eating disorder, says study

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Binge eating disorder (BED) is a serious problem that many Americans face. If left untreated, it can prove fatal. People living with the disorder exhibit repetitive tendencies of eating large quantities of food items, lack of control while bingeing followed by shame and low self-esteem. Looking for an effective treatment method for BED becomes all […]

06-16   ADHD patients suffer from eating disorder after miscuing upset feelings as hunger

“Eating disorders are serious mental illness, not lifestyle choices,” according to Demi Lovato, who became a poster girl for eating disorders when she became vocal about her struggle against it. As opposed to the common belief that it is a lifestyle choice, an eating disorder is a serious emotional and physical problem that can be […]

05-22   Bulimics can be trapped in vicious binge-and-purge cycles

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“I had to choose between the debilitating health condition that was destroying me or put a brave fight to recover,” said 29-year-old Sandra Turner (name changed) of Chicago, who struggled with full-blown bulimia nervosa, a serious eating disorder, for 15 years of her life. It all started at the age of 13 with an obsession […]

05-02   Wife of Canadian PM opens up about bulimia

Bulimia as a disorder can be quite pervasive. It can strike even the unlikeliest of people.In February 2017, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Sophie Gregoire Trudeau revealed her struggle with the disorder as a young woman. Also known as bulimia nervosa, it is a serious eating disorder and mental health condition, which can be lifethreatening, […]

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