Not In My Backyard

Not In My Backyard: Building backyard units for homeless people with mental health and addiction disorders

Such is the state of addiction and mental illnesses in the United States today; in 2017 itself, more than 8 million American adults suffered from both a substance use disorder and a mental illness. While several factors contribute to homelessness for these individuals, stigma is a key contributor. The findings of a recent survey echo […]

Not In My Backyard: Breaking the cycle of substance abuse and crime in San Clemente

Previously in the “Not in my backyard” editorial series, we have discussed some of the major topics related to crime and behavioral health treatment facilities located in San Clemente. Past articles in this editorial series have explored residents’ strong opposition to having mental health and substance abuse treatment facilities located in their communities, the impact […]

Not in my backyard: Just because there’s sunshine, doesn’t mean there’s not property crime in San Clemente

In the previous article in the “Not in my backyard” editorial series, we discussed the evidence that shows fewer violent crimes in areas near drug treatment facilities compared to other commercial areas, and the effectiveness of providing treatment to people with substance use disorders (SUDs) to reduce crime. We also discussed how violent crimes have […]

Not In My Backyard: How do violent crimes affect communities?

In the previous articles in the “Not in my backyard,” or “NIMBY,” editorial series, we addressed the local need for behavioral health treatment and the endemic problems of mental illness and substance abuse in San Clemente. We also discussed the strong community opposition and concerns of local residents about having mental health and addiction treatment […]

Not In My Backyard: The endemic problems of mental illness and substance abuse in San Clemente

In the previous article of the “Not in my backyard” editorial series, we provided a general overview of the major barriers and community opposition facing mental health and addiction treatment facilities, sober living homes, group homes and other types of establishments that provide services to persons with physical and mental disabilities. The “not in my […]

Not In My Backyard: Communities resist mental health, and alcohol and drug treatment facilities

Researchers have documented the importance of providing evidence-based treatments to people with mental illnesses, including substance use disorders (SUDs), not only to improve their quality of life, but also to lessen the social and economic burden of these conditions on society as a whole. Although many people agree that individuals with alcohol and drug use […]

Appendix: Tables and graphs of crimes in San Clemente from 2009 to 2015

Crime data for San Clemente was obtained from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s (OCSD) website. Individual crimes were counted and combined by year for each of 12 crime categories. A total crime index was created by combining all crimes reported for each year. Calculations Crime rates were calculated by dividing the index of crimes (e.g., […]

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