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10 traits employers appreciate in their employees

Posted on 09-04-15 in Emotion

10 traits employers appreciate in their employees

Employment is a pretty important part of life. Some people have the luxury of being their own bosses and running their own companies, a role that requires exceptionally strong personality traits and work ethic. But the majority of people are employed by companies. Employment not only means a stable income but it also means a sense of daily purpose. Getting into a daily work routine is healthy for a person’s emotional and mental state. So how do employees become and stay successful at work? Below are 10 important traits that can strengthen employees and impress their bosses.

1.Strong work ethic. Employers want to hire individuals who work hard at what they do.

2.Flexibility. Employers look for people who can “go with the flow” and accept change. Some degree of change will occur within any company, so it is important to be flexible.

3.Integrity. Integrity can be a difficult characteristic to find within an employee. Employers need people who will be honest and upfront, and not gossip, backstab or climb the social ladder. Employees who treat others the way they want to be treated usually go further in the workplace than those who are only looking out for themselves.

4.Teamwork. Regardless of job title, at some point everyone needs to collaborate with another individual, so it is important to work well with and learn from others. Common ground, no matter how small, is a commodity to be sought and cherished. In the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln: “I do not like that man. I must get to know him better.”

5.Creativity. Being expressive and showing a creative side can give employees an edge in the workplace. Even those who do not work in a creative field can still take a creative angle to routine work or develop a side project. Employees at Google use 20 percent of their work hours to develop a sense of creativity. This led to the development of Google News. Bring personal flare into the office such as fun quotes, board games or wearing a colorful outfit. Employers look for individuals who can bring a creative flare to the table.

6.Kindness. Kindness can go a long way in every aspect of life. Employers appreciate employees who are kind and who will reach out to people and lend a hand. Kind gestures and kind words are both important. It doesn’t matter what grade-point average or what kind of a degree a person has, people like individuals who have good manners.

7.Confidence. Speaking one’s mind in a humble manner and sticking up for what one believes in is important in the workplace, and many bosses appreciate this act of leadership. Sharing one’s opinion to improve the work environment can open new doors to new projects. Employees who are confident in their ideas yet open to feedback can play influential roles in the workplace.

8.Solutions focus. For every problem there is a solution. Employers seek employees who try to find solutions instead of harping on the problems. Seeking out a solution shows leadership skills and drive.

9.Transparency. Showing one’s personality allows employers to see a person and not just a worker. Being able to be open and honest with a boss is important.

10.Fitting in with the company’s culture. Cultural fit refers to when an employee’s values align with the employer’s. This can include work flexibility such as the opportunity to work from home, flexible work hours, bringing a dog to work, going on a lunch outing and living a healthy work-life balance. Not all companies have the same culture, so finding a good fit between an employee and employer plays a big role in workplace happiness.

Keep these 10 characteristics in mind when trying to impress a boss, or earn a raise or a promotion. The employee-employer relationship is one of mutual respect and responsibility toward one another.

Written by Kristen Fuller, M.D., Sovereign Health Group writer