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Give thanks and show employees how much they matter

Posted on 09-04-15 in Emotion

Give thanks and show employees how much they matter

The ins and outs of a how a company operates are complicated and intricate. From the board of directors, CEO and managers to the office staff, all employees play an integral role in keeping the company going, even though some positions might receive less recognition than others. An office is like a beehive — the queen bee or the CEO might be in charge, but the worker bees are the ones who pollinate and build the hive. In other words, they do the day-to-day work to build the business.

Celebrate the unsung heroes

From the receptionist, the face of the company who answers the phone and greets everyone who walks into the office, to the administrative assistants who supply all the important supplies, to the IT professionals who keep the information systems running smoothly, every employee deserves recognition. Imagine the chaos if the printers were out of paper. Who would employees turn to if their computers stopped functioning? These are the employees who might not get the recognition they deserve every day, so it is important to show appreciation to them.

Showing respect, kindness and gratitude to the people who are not in the limelight speaks volumes about a company’s culture. Sept. 15 is National IT Professionals Day, honoring the unsung heroes who keep a company’s technology secure and functioning. Although it is important to show appreciation on a daily basis, thanking individuals on a special day can go further than a general overall “good job team” approach.

Set the appreciation atmosphere

Managers and supervisors can set the atmosphere and introduce employee appreciation by bringing treats, hand writing a note or simply saying thank you to a team member in front of the rest of the department. Writing a thank you note to the IT staffer who fixed a computer problem can make that person’s day.

Expressing gratitude to everyone in the office is important. Thanking employees for what they do each day can go a long way. For managers, remembering employees’ birthdays, giving them a surprise bonus or a raise, or allowing them to take a day off can speak lengths and will make them feel appreciated beyond words. As a result, they will work harder and be more devoted to the company.

The concept that a paycheck is gratitude enough can alienate employees, while expressions of sincere gratitude can inspire loyalty and dedication. A job is more than just a paycheck. A job is a sense of accomplishment, a purpose, and a way to maintain healthy emotional and mental stimulation. Appreciate the people who work hard to build the company and show them how much they matter.

Written by Kristen Fuller, M.D., Sovereign Health Group writer