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Common hormone disorders – Impacts on physical and emotional states

09-30-15 Category: Emotion, Health and Wellness

Common hormone disorders – Impacts on physical and emotional states

Hormones are taken for granted until something goes wrong, just like many other aspects of physical and mental health. Chemicals can impact mood, metabolism, growth and so much more in the human body. Production of these substances gone awry can provide physical and mental detriment.

The thyroid is critical to the endocrine system. The former produces hormones to coordinate many bodily functions. An over- or underactive thyroid can present with a variety of diseases requiring treatment and possible mental health attention.

Hashimoto’s disease, also known as chronic lymphatic thyroiditis, results in symptoms of fatigue, depression, dry skin, intolerance to cold and an enlarged thyroid, among many other characteristics. Hashimoto’s patients can experience these problems in very subtle ways, sidestepping awareness of the disorder. They can also present similar to other signs of different diseases, making diagnosis challenging. Testing for thyroid-stimulating hormones is a common step if a thyroid problem is suspected.

Brent Wisse, MD, says a typical goiter is an enlargement of the thyroid that’s usually not cancer. There isn’t always a reason for the abnormality although an iodine deficit is a common trigger. Some medicines, smoking and dietary choices could trigger it as well. Breathing difficulties, coughing and issues while eating are trademark symptoms. Treatments can include thyroid removal, medications and increased iodine intake.

Graves’ disease is potentially more alarming. It’s an overproduction of the thyroid hormone leading to nervousness and irritability, fatigue or muscle weakness, heat intolerance, tremors, weight loss and much more. A cure is not available but treatments do work to treat symptoms and attempt slowing down hormone production. It’s the most common causes of hyperthyroidism.

Thyroid nodules are abnormal growths on the organ for unknown reasons. While cancer is often a fear in these cases, only 5 percent of nodule cases end up cancerous. Numerous physical and mental side effects can present with these growths, many of them similar to signs of other thyroid conditions. Some doctors opt for the “wait and see” approach depending on the severity to see if treatment should wait. Surgery and medications are common, the latter especially if the nodules end up cancerous or difficult to analyze.

The fear and uncertainty in a chronic medical condition can test the mental health of many patients, especially if mood problems result from the disease. Resolve in the face of illness can take work. Sovereign Health Group can help patients deal with diagnosis and treatment. To learn more about our recovery programs for behavioral and mental health, call us today.

Written by Nicholas Ruiz, Sovereign Health Group writer

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