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How to maximize on social media marketing

Posted on 03-06-15 in Health and Wellness

How to maximize on social media marketing

In the information age, the importance of social media in spreading the word about a company is more important than ever before. By harnessing this tool, a business has the potential to reach both anyone and anywhere, regardless of physical locations. With now an estimated half of the world’s population on Facebook, there is no denying the near infinite reach of social networking. Naturally, this includes businesses with their own Facebook pages, which can post updates about their businesses and receive likes from customers or others online at any time. Social media may be pervasive, but how can a company best maximize its potential for success? Consider the different social media platforms available.

Facebook considerations
There is a great likelihood that those promoting social media for a business will already have a personal Facebook page of their own. Smart business sense dictates that users may then promote their company through their personal pages to help drive traffic. Another consideration is simply to post on a usual basis. Since most users check their account at least once daily, a business can only gain from posting as often as it is deemed relevant. Those who are posting are also advised to encourage comments as a form of customer feedback and engagement. By quickly replying to these comments, the company will foster a caring persona when it comes to valuing a patron’s opinion.

Twitter and following
One of the basic components of Twitter is retweeting, in which one user reposts another user’s post. If a social media coordinator searches the website for his or her username, as well as the promoted company website, it is possible to find others who enjoy your content and retweet it. By keeping track of and following others retweeting your posts, you can further build business quickly and efficiently. Developing a company hashtag also creates a higher probability that posts will be shared and go viral.

Utilizing images and video
There is also no denying the impact that video may have in sending an important message to all who are keeping track of the business. For instance, a coordinator could post photos of new merchandise or products to gain consumer interest. A video could serve as an instructional “how to” on the installation of a product. The old adage of showing instead of telling can have a powerful effect and images are able to communicate more in a limited amount of space.

By posting videos on YouTube, a marketing coordinator clearly has access to a wider audience for video viewing overall. There is the likelihood of a viewer watching similar video content and then receiving related suggestions that point in the direction of a business. Companies should consider making their YouTube homepages social media hubs for their business, perhaps with a video that auto plays on their websites in an effort to reach a broader audience more quickly. Add friends and subscribe to other channels to further the reach of the company and the chances of a video being seen by the right demographic.

LinkedIn is definitely a natural choice for a business’ social media marketing, as it is the most professionally based of all the major social networks. Here, a user can create status updates that will keep patrons aware of upcoming news or products. There is the possibility to make use of common business-related formats, such as PowerPoint presentations. Another option is to post company related events onto the page to increase awareness or put together a creative portfolio that showcases a certain project.

Further tips and advice
When starting up a business, it is practical to first consider which social media platform will be most appropriate for marketing. Far more options exist than the most well-known websites listed here and some may be specifically tailored to a niche audience. Take the time to research social media that is specifically geared toward one’s specific industry to increase audience reach even further. Communicate with others in the industry about strategies to increase awareness for multiple brands. Consider advertising on YouTube or through the use of pay per click advertisements as well.

Naturally rewarding customers for service still has its place online, as in the case of online contests that may be entered for prizes. However, it will be important to follow the guidelines of the specific social media platform regarding this. Another option is to create a customer survey to facilitate feedback. These surveys should be brief and ideally include a customer incentive as a way of thanking them for taking time to participate.

The Internet has made it possible for companies to reach as much of their potential audience as possible. Surely in the future, the importance of social media for any business or company will only continue to grow. The key is online exposure and the potential is limitless. Any business, no matter how large or small, now may experience a greater and faster level of growth due to the capabilities of social media marketing. Success will naturally lead to growth with this powerful tool.

Written by Ryan McMaster, Sovereign Health Group writer