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Personalized approach to pain assessment and management is beneficial

06-09-17 Category: Health, Treatment, Treatment Modalities

Personalized approach to pain assessment and management is beneficial

Struggle against pain is common in patients suffering from arthritis, migraine or a backache, or those who are recovering from some kind of major surgery or protracted illness. Continuous pain hampers daily productivity and peace of mind. It is one of the biggest reasons for opioid use and abuse across the country. Primary care providers and physicians try to meet the patients’ needs by prescribing opioids. They play a critical role in assessing potential risks, side effects and benefits of prolonged opioid therapy to ensure proper recovery. Ineffective pain management results in hospital re-admissions or recurring queues at clinics to get more effective painkillers, which in turn increase the chances of opioid abuse and deterioration of overall health.

With the opioid epidemic ravaging the country on all fronts, clinicians are now considering the potential of personalized pain evaluation and management programs. Figures published by the agencies at the federal level have led scientists and doctors to consider changing the way they are treating patients, i.e., a shift in the pain management process. This involves physicians and hospitals making available personalized treatment options tailored to the needs of each patient.

Can tailored pain management stop opioid abuse? 

Personalized care or custom-made interventions necessitate the need to know any concerns of the patient affected by a mental or physical disorder. Pain treatment on an individual basis involves systematic examining of the patients, screening them for underlying health issues followed by a detailed assessment of the nature and cause of pain, and then devising the appropriate treatment strategy. This comes in light of new data being made available using genetics, brain scanning, body imaging and data mining tools. Different responses to drugs have resulted in a new kind of research that focuses on individual tolerance of pain and holistic therapeutic measures that would boost recovery in a better way instead of taking the usual course of prescribing painkillers which may not benefit all.

The personalized management process though considered to be an interesting proposal has not gained enough ground due to lack of understanding as to why different people experience pain differently or why they respond to the same nature of treatment in such distinct ways. Doctors’ inability to predict the possibility of success while customizing medical care for their patients has left them with the only option of adopting and following the conventional method of advising pain relievers.

Proper diagnosis of the cause of pain, systematic screening and assessment of individual response to their suffering can go a long way in devising a customized and evidence-based pain management program targeting the pain mechanism. The multidimensional approach should also include regular monitoring of the patient’s needs to improve adherence and get better control over the problem over time.

Need of holistic treatment targeting addiction-related problems

Unbearable and prolonged pain can result in the affected people getting addicted to using many kinds of illicit substances including drugs and opioids. Pain programs are primarily targeted at those patients who develop a dependence on prescription medications to get quick relief. It is important to provide a good rehabilitation process that:

  • Reduces dependency on medicines;
  • Restores quality of life with life-changing mechanisms;
  • Retrieves relationships with family members and loved ones;
  • Returns patients to their normal way of living

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