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Sovereign Health of El Paso offers treatment for detoxification, addiction and co-occurring disorders. Patients receive an individualized treatment plan to ensure that all of their needs are met.


Detoxification is the acute phase of rehabilitation that requires elimination of the substance from the body. This can be a very painful experience for the individual, as many states of withdrawal have physical side effects. Many individuals cannot break their addiction due to the severity of the withdrawal effects. Sovereign understands the science behind the withdrawal phase and can assisted with medications to help ease the side effects.

Depending on the substance, detoxification can take approximately 24-72 hours, and it is important to give the patient a quiet, relaxing space.

Addiction treatment

Substance abuse treatment does not end after the detoxification stage. Once the substance is completely removed from the body, treatment can begin to address the addiction. Sovereign Health of El Paso uses multiple therapy approaches to help each patient with their substance abuse disorder. Treatment modalities include individual group and family therapy as well as behavioral management to provide patients with the life tools to curb cravings and unhealthy behaviors.

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Dual diagnosis

A person with dual diagnosis has a substance abuse disorder combined with at least one co-occurring mental health disorder. An example is an individual diagnosed with depression who also has a cocaine addiction. Oftentimes one disorder is due to another disorder. For example, an individual addicted to cocaine may eventually become depressed due to the decrease in pleasure after chronic cocaine abuse. Or a patient who has depression will often use drugs and alcohol to cover up symptoms of this disorder in order to cope. Regardless of which combination of disorders an individual may have, Sovereign Health of El Paso provides tools, therapy and training for individuals battling with co-occurring disorders.

If you or a loved one is battling with co-occurring disorders or just a substance abuse disorder; of our programs is designed to treat each disorder with evidence based therapy. Additionally, our El Paso facility acknowledges that certain medical disorders can be the trigger for an addiction or a mental health diagnosis, and therefore a thorough medical examination is performed at the beginning of each admission to ensure that the patient does not have an underlying medical condition.

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