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Levels of Care

As patients progress through treatment at our Fort Myers treatment center, they often move between levels of care. The levels become less intensive as patients make gains in recovery.


A necessary first step when recovering from drug and alcohol abuse, this step is when harmful chemicals leave the person’s system. Drugs work by rewiring the brain to believe it needs the drugs to function normally. When the drugs leave the system, the brain has to relearn how to function without the drugs’ presence. This creates a condition in the user called withdrawal.

The severity of withdrawal symptoms depends on the substance being abused. A patient who recreationally took ADHD drugs like Adderall might experience headaches, insomnia and irritability as the stimulants left their system. A methamphetamine user might endure wild mood swings. The severe flu-like symptoms of opioid withdrawal are infamous for their severity. Withdrawing from benzodiazepines and alcohol can be especially dangerous. Some patients may experience seizures as they detoxify from these drugs, particularly if they take the ill-advised “cold turkey” route.

Receiving detoxification treatment from a provider like Sovereign Health allows this vital first step to be done in a controlled, medically-supervised environment. We ensure that our patients are as comfortable and as safe as possible during this difficult time in recovery. Substance cravings are also more easily managed in this environment.

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Residential Treatment (RTC)

Sovereign maintains a pleasant residential recovery center located near Fort Myers. Situated on the banks of the Caloosahatchee River, patients can attend to their needs in a tranquil environment that’s free from temptations and distractions.

Residential treatment has many benefits: Too often, patients can fall back into harmful behaviors when attempting to recover on their own. Friends and even certain places can act as addiction triggers during recovery – a residential treatment center helps patients avoid these traps and focus on getting healthy. Residents at our Fort Myers facility live two to a room, have private baths and receive three professionally-prepared meals a day.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

This is a highly structured form of outpatient care. Patients receive intensive, medically supervised therapeutic and psychiatric services during the day, and return home – or to a sober living facility – at night. For reasons of patient safety, many of the same rules of inpatient care apply in PHPs, such as no cellphones.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

At this level of care, patients participate in treatment for only part of the week. Patients in IOPs can receive therapeutic care while being able to participate in daily life, such as work, attend school or just interact with friends and family. Many IOPs encourage attending support groups such as 12-step programs. Sovereign’s Fort Myers residential facility acts as a host for 12-step groups and other support programs like SMART Recovery and NAMI-sponsored groups.

We also have an evening IOP to ensure all of our patients can receive help whenever they need it.

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