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Levels of care

There are multiple levels of care offered at the Palm Desert facility depending on the type of disorder the individual has been diagnosed with and the gravity of this disorder.


The first and most acute level of care is detox. The primary goal of detox is to allow the individual who is addicted to a substance or alcohol to withdrawal in a safe and controlled environment until the substance is completely absent from the body. The patient is in a secure location with personnel 24/7. Usually the detox process is approximately 72 hours, and the patient may need to be slowly weaned off the substance in order to minimize withdrawal effects.

Depending on the specific substance of abuse, the individual may be given a low-dose maintenance drug to ease the side effects. For an opioid addiction, naltrexone or buprenorphine may be given whereas for alcohol withdrawal, a slower taper of a benzodiazepine such as lorazepam may be administered. Once the substance of abuse is out of the body, the patient can then go through other types of therapy where they can learn life tool to curb cravings and dangerous behaviors. Although this process may be a lifelong journey, detox is the first step in the overall therapy approach for an individual battling with substance abuse.

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Residential treatment (RTC)

Residential treatment is the next level of care offered at the Palm Desert facility and is recommended for individuals who cannot live on their own due to their addiction or mental health diagnosis. This level care is an intense level of care because it requires 24-hour monitoring while providing a multitude of therapies in a safe environment. There are designated houses for this program and patients are placed with others who are in the same treatment program. This type of treatment not only houses the individual but provides them with meals, therapy, outings and 24/7 crisis intervention.

Partial hospitalization (PHP)

A partial hospitalization program is a mix between residential treatment and outpatient treatment. It consists of a series of structured treatments and therapies throughout the day allowing the individual to sleep at his or her own residence. This level of care can be offered as a step down approach from residential treatment to individuals who are not currently a danger to themselves or others and can go through intense structures therapy while residing on their own. This level of care requires patients to receive 4.5-5 hours of treatment, five days a week.

Intensive outpatient (IOP)

Intensive outpatient is the least intensive level of care offered at Palm Desert and is strictly for patients who are able to live independently, who are medically stable and can function on their own but still need help navigating through their addiction or mental health diagnosis. Usually an intensive outpatient program is approximately 10 hours per week, spread over three days.


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