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06-27   The Jury Is Out: CBO Report Confirms Millions Will Lose Insurance If Senate Bill Passes

– By Lise Millay Stevens The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office released its assessment of the Better Care Reconciliation Act, the Senate health care bill aimed at repealing and replacing the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act. The numbers are devastating; within nine years, 50 million Americans would lose their health insurance if the bill becomes the […]

Depression and congestive heart failure

12-29   Depression and congestive heart failure: Do antidepressants really help?

Depression affects approximately 7 percent of adults in the United States each year. A chemical imbalance in the brain causes a depletion of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, resulting in a depressed mood. Diagnosis is made via identifying clinical symptoms that have persisted for at least two weeks. Interestingly, depression can be situational, […]

antidepressant medications

08-26   Antidepressants used as off-label therapy

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A recent study published in JAMA demonstrated that 45 percent of antidepressant medications are actually prescribed for conditions other than depression. In other words, almost half of antidepressants in this Canadian retrospective study were used for off-label drug use (OLDU), meaning these medications are not approved by the FDA for these specific indications. Common classes […]