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02-01   The controversial tactic of promoting opioids with free gifts

Posted in Addiction, Medicine

A prescription painkiller is a serious product, one that both provides both relief from debilitating pain as well as the risk of a life-altering addiction. Its use and prescription should be seriously weighed against the possible dangers. When the medical use of pain treatment collides with the business of selling prescription medication, ethical questions often […]

01-28   Oregon proposes bill that could lead to kratom ban

Posted in Advocacy, Medicine

Oregon proposed a bill in January 2017 that directs the State Board of Pharmacy to conduct a study on the herb kratom, which grows natively in Southeast Asia and is used as a natural pain reliever, antidepressant and stimulant. In the United States, many people reportedly use kratom to manage pain and wean off deadly […]

01-23   After the inauguration, Trump’s health care plans remain unclear

As Donald Trump’s inauguration continued throughout Friday, there were still multiple questions left unanswered. Chiefly, what are the new administration’s plans for health care? As of Friday afternoon, that question is unanswered. Trump’s speech made one reference to drugs, in a line which also mentioned crime and gangs. And although the official White House webpage […]

01-11   Alabama has more opioid prescriptions than residents

According to a study by Quintiles IMS, the state of Alabama has 1.18 opioid prescriptions per capita, meaning that there are more prescriptions for painkillers than people in the state. The ongoing opioid epidemic continues to create many challenges for the law enforcement agencies, politicians and physicians alike. Treating pain without causing an addiction is […]

11-09   Looking on the brighter side may increase effectiveness of SSRIs, improve depression

You probably have met a person at least in passing who has been diagnosed with depression, or perhaps someone closer to you has the disorder – maybe your friend, partner or family member. Sadness, loss of interest, trouble sleeping, changes in appetite, and even thoughts of suicide plague individuals living with depression. According to Depression […]

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