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08-31   Alcohol can take a heavy toll on memory

It was a pleasant Friday evening and Andy was having a gala time in the friendly neighborhood bar, catching up with old buddies. He had already consumed way too many martinis with a couple more shots to go. Grooving to the latest tracks played by the live band with a glass in his hand felt […]

06-25   Forgetting and the ‘seven sins of memory’

Posted in Cognition, Memory, PTSD

Forgetting occurs when people are unable to recall or access information that is stored in their long-term memories. Several different types of memory problems or lapses can happen to everyone, regardless of age, and can impact the way memories are retrieved, said Daniel L. Schacter, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at Harvard University. The “seven […]

Marijuana use impairs verbal memory

05-04   Marijuana use impairs verbal memory

Few would argue that smoking marijuana makes people smarter (except maybe for persons with schizophrenia, but even those results are mixed). The degree to which marijuana impairs cognitive function remains unclear. Adolescents are of particular concern because their brains are considered to be undergoing critical neurodevelopment until about age 25. Impairments are obvious during acute […]