Mental disorders

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08-16   Excessive playing of action video games may result in mental disorders, finds study

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“Is technology a boon or a bane?” is a question frequented by anxious parents as they see their wards increasingly dependent on modern devices. Increasing reliance on social media tools and growing use of video games have restricted movement of children indoors as opposed to playing and exercising outdoors. While neuroscientists have been asking patients […]

08-07   National Happiness Happens Day: Buying free time by outsourcing mundane chores promotes happiness, finds research

Outsourcing daily chores like cleaning the house, running errands or mowing the lawn are often looked down upon, as many people associate it with laziness. However, according to a recent research, spending money to buy free time by outsourcing tedious and pesky household work to others can tremendously enhance the level of happiness in people. […]

08-03   Excessive dietary sugar may result in mood problems, finds study

Some people have a sweet tooth and can’t seem to keep their hands off it. They just love to have a bit of sugar added to their food or beverages. While the extra sweetness can satiate one’s craving for sweets, it may have a souring effect on one’s mood. A group of researchers from the […]

07-10   Number of deaths at home due to Alzheimer’s goes up, claims report

The number of deaths in hospitals and nursing homes due to Alzheimer’s disease has plummeted considerably over the past 15 years, says a recent report. The number has gone down by 20 percent in the past one and a half decade. However, this is not an indication that the nation has scored over Alzheimer’s, a […]

06-15   10 million American adults plagued by mental illness

Mental illness does not discriminate. It can affect anybody, no matter which nation they may be residing in and no matter how developed it may be. There are close to 10 million adults in the United States who live with a serious mental illness, and an equal number of them tried to commit suicide during […]

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