Mental disorders

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10-03   Vegas carnage survivors reeling under trauma

In one of the worst gun attacks in American history, the shooting in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017, during an outdoor country music concert left 59 people dead and more than 525 wounded, according to media reports. A pall of gloom has descended on the entire country, with prayers reaching out for those killed […]

09-11   World Alzheimer’s Month: Alzheimer’s disease can be predicted 2 years in advance with AI

An algorithm run by artificial intelligence can detect initial signs of dementia in brain scans and can precisely prognosticate who will develop Alzheimer’s disease as early as two years in advance, said a recent study. The algorithm has a success rate of 84 percent in predicting probable Alzheimer’s disease, said lead author of the study […]

09-08   World Suicide Prevention Day: Live streaming one’s suicide can mean a lot of things

One of the earliest reported internet suicide was that of a Florida teen Abraham Biggs, who in 2008, posted several times on an online bodybuilding message board that he was going to kill himself. Unfortunately, nobody took him seriously. Rather than stopping him, many goaded him to go ahead, which he eventually did. The entire […]

08-16   Excessive playing of action video games may result in mental disorders, finds study

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“Is technology a boon or a bane?” is a question frequented by anxious parents as they see their wards increasingly dependent on modern devices. Increasing reliance on social media tools and growing use of video games have restricted movement of children indoors as opposed to playing and exercising outdoors. While neuroscientists have been asking patients […]

08-07   National Happiness Happens Day: Buying free time by outsourcing mundane chores promotes happiness, finds research

Outsourcing daily chores like cleaning the house, running errands or mowing the lawn are often looked down upon, as many people associate it with laziness. However, according to a recent research, spending money to buy free time by outsourcing tedious and pesky household work to others can tremendously enhance the level of happiness in people. […]

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