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10-13   Trump to end ACA subsidies, a move that will affect lower-income households

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The Trump administration is mulling over blocking federal subsidies to insurance companies that cover the health care needs of millions of Americans from lower-income households, the White House said on October 12, 2017. Experts believe that the President’s executive order on health care could have far-reaching repercussions, especially throughout the insurance marketplaces created under the […]

10-12   Who’s policing the prosecutors? By Dan Marzullo

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– By Dan Marzullo Turn on your TV any night of the week, and you’ll find a legal drama depicting an honest and thorough prosecutor valiantly fighting for justice and truth. In the real, small-screen world of legalese, there are prosecutors brimming with integrity. These professionals protect the innocent and uphold the rule of law […]

10-10   World Mental Health Awareness Day: Mental Health in the Workplace

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By Lise Millay Stevens The World Health Organization has designated October 10, as World Mental Health Day; this year’s theme is mental health in the workplace. Considering that as adults, most people spend the majority of their time at their workplaces, this latest WHO theme is truly an important health priority. The environment people work […]

10-10   Seeking timely treatment for mental disorders can do wonders

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Mental health problems are real and more people experience them than one can imagine. They are marked by aberrations in thought processes, emotions or behaviors. When the mercury plummets across the United States and people seem to be formidably down with a cold, nobody thinks twice about popping a pill to keep that annoying cold […]

10-09   Even an hour of exercise a week can reduce chance of depression, says study

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Exercise can be an elixir for many ailments, thwarting or preventing them from exacerbating. A quick workout session can pull an individual out of a glum mental state by boosting confidence, releasing mood-enhancing endorphins, and producing certain proteins, required for good health. Corroborating this fact further, a recent study, published in the American Journal of […]

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