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The benefits of webinars in the healthcare industry

Posted on 02-06-15 in Mental Health

The benefits of webinars in the healthcare industry

In modern times, many businesses and industries are seeking new methods of disseminating information. In the past, seminars have been held to increase awareness for all employees and departments in a workplace. Presently, a number of professional organizations have begun to offer webinars that are intended to be a virtual equivalent of this. Many now believe that these webinars offer a number of unique advantages compared to the methods of the past.


A webinar is often seen as a cost effective form of both communication and promotion. It also allows one of the most efficient means of content marketing. It is easy to reach your target audience instantly and efficiently with this online communication tool. Those who otherwise may not be able to attend such an event may still be able to participate as a result. Those presenting may have a wider reach for their message, while not having to worry about the expenses of previous methods. In addition, these presentations have also shown to be effective in improving academic performance.

When putting together a webinar, a variety of multimedia may be incorporated to make sure participants get the most out of the experience. This may include powerpoint slides, as well as informational video and audio. If a webinar is a live event, but if it is missed, then it may be viewed again by those who were not able to watch when it originally aired. A webinar may also be seen from a smart phone, tablet or other electronic devices. As travel and therefore gas, is not required, this is also an eco-friendly alternative for businesses.

In the healthcare industry, these presentations also serve the function of keeping medical professionals up to date on the latest innovations in their field. A webinar is a great opportunity to reveal the results of research studies and find new applications for treatment methods or medications. In this field, using such methods to keep all employees updated is even more important than usual.

In a promotional sense, a webinar has the inherent advantage of being able to give the public a means of identifying a business or brand. This is also a great opportunity to promote an informational product related to the company, such as a book on the medical field. In addition, a question and answer session will facilitate communication between the speaker and the audience, so that those participating can be sure they understand the material. This also helps the audience form a bond between the speaker, and through the speaker, the brand they are representing.

A webinar has the advantage of being able to be set up in a matter of weeks. In the past, a seminar might take months of planning before being carried out. Another benefit of webinars is that an organization does not need to worry about how many attendees will be participating. In the past, a traditional seminar would often need a minimum number of attendees in order to justify the resources needed to move forward.

How to become involved

Be aware that in most cases it will be necessary to register ahead of time in order to participate in a webinar. By the time the person has registered for the webinar, they should have received additional information such as the date and time that it will take place. For those that wish to contribute to the discussion there should be an area in the webinar to submit questions from a member of the audience. These will then be answered during the webinar itself or afterward, depending on the preference of the speaker.

No matter what department an employee may be working in, a webinar will allow them access to valuable information that will help improve their performance and become aware of relevant subjects. Since holding these events is easier today than it has ever been before, spreading new information across a company can feel effortless. Being able to reach other interested parties outside the immediate business area is an added plus as well.

Written by Ryan McMaster, Sovereign Health Group writer