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Featured family review: Helen and David

07-02-15 Category: Mental Health

Featured family review: Helen and David

Over the course of a few years, parents Helen and David managed their daughter Aubrey and her psychological challenges with heavy resistance. The household endured a list of escalating behavioral issues from their growing adolescent, including an exposure to drugs and a resulting addiction. However, the last straw came in the form of a suicide attempt. Their child needed a professional level of support. After discovering Sovereign Health’s adolescent facility online, the family trekked from the northern reaches of Idaho to the sunny, southern coast of California.

Another challenge that faced Aubrey’s parents was a jaded dissatisfaction as a result of their previous experience with therapy and other mental health scenarios. Helen and David agreed that they were hopeful, but also fearful that Sovereign’s system would not be enough to bring their daughter back from such a bad place. But as each member met with the admissions team, the family’s worries began to melt in the warmth of Rancho San Diego’s embracing atmosphere.

Overall, staff members respected the parents’ expectations all throughout the treatment process and improved the conversation between them and their child. Most of all, the specialized adolescent program at Sovereign Health showed a significant impact on the life in need of the most help: Aubrey’s.

“Through her story she’s able to get through to somebody. We’ve always gotten positive feedback from her clinician – from her case manager. That she’s done well… She’s done leaps and bounds in comparison to where she was at one point,” said Aubrey’s mother, Helen.

The family has much more hope for their respective situation. After sharing each side of the same story, the child and her parents both learned to take a newfound responsibility for their lives. In fact, reflecting on the renewed self-worth and progressive attitude in Aubrey brought her mother to the point of tears. The parents expressed the irreplaceable importance of their child’s happiness and they encouraged other families to make a committed change together, even when circumstances get tough.

“We were at the end… If she wouldn’t have made a phone call, she wouldn’t be here right now. You know, it’s the most beneficial. There is nothing more than what we got. It’s lifesaving…” said Aubrey’s father, David.

Sovereign Health Group is a leader in providing excellent care and hosts a number of different treatment options for adults and adolescents including support services for family members as well. Sovereign offers addiction and mental health treatment programs that utilize innovative cognitive testing, rehabilitation and evidence-based treatment methods. For further information regarding therapy options and treatment plans, please visit our website at or call our 24/7 admissions helpline at 866-596-3609.

Written by Lee Yates, Sovereign Health Group writer

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