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Hug Your Boss Day – How should bosses show appreciation?

Posted on 09-14-15 in Behavioral Health, Mental Health

Hug Your Boss Day – How should bosses show appreciation?

Winning the appreciation of the boss is elusive for some workers. Not every manager is a great communicator of what he or she wants from employees, which is a shame considering one study finds over 80 percent of workers are motivated to try harder when the boss shows appreciation for their good work.

That said, bosses can benefit from showing appreciation to their or her employees. Sabrina Son, MSW, finds appreciation outshines many other potential benefits of the job when shown in these ways:

  • Emphasis – While employees don’t need constant pats on the back for a job well done, a particularly well-done task should receive some sort of praise. In what form it is delivered should depend on the employee. Some workers appreciate praise publicly or one-on-one. Find out what he or she prefers and follow through.
  • Create flexibility – Speaking of knowing employees, it’s beneficial to know which ones like to work in groups or solo. Some employees may like to have desks tucked away in a corner or out in the open with fellow workers. Adjusting these arrangements can not only help individuals feel worthy of accommodations but increase positive workflow in the workplace.
  • Invest in employee health – Son emphasizes the importance of encouraging mental and physical health in employees by telling them to take walks and leave their computers during breaks. All work and no play up to nine hours a day can put a strain on many people. Employees should also consider organizing optional team events such as bonfires, picnics and more so coworkers become bond, assisting in overall teambuilding.
  • Set high expectations – Son finds employees unchallenged in their day-to-day work routine can suffer from low morale. Bosses can challenge employees to step up and take on new tasks. Of course, Son says, it’s important for these jobs to have clear expectations and not overwhelm the employee.
  • Remain thoughtful – While a boss is usually not a friend to his or her employees in the traditional sense, a manager should remember birthdays, hire dates and certain other milestones to acknowledge and congratulate the employee at appropriate times. Doing so can contribute to a positive working atmosphere.

Not all workplaces are encouraging and affirming. Some employees must enter negative workplaces on a daily basis, one in which a manager confuses and hurts employees to the point of negative mental health implications. A taxing workplace can impact stress levels, among other aspects of wellness.

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Written by Nicholas Ruiz, Sovereign Health Group writer