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Learning the ‘8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise’

Posted on 05-25-16 in Mental Health, Stress

Learning the ‘8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise’

There are many ways that someone can invest in their mental health. Whether it be with medication or therapy, taking care of mental health is vital. One way to help with your own mental health is through exercise. You can literally work it out by running it out.

Mental and physical health are closely tied. Investing in one means investing in the other, which is why exercise tends to be quite helpful in maintaining good mental health. Exercise that follows a routine alleviates stress and anxiety, moderates depression, helps relieve chronic pain and can even improve self-esteem.

A guide for healthy bodies and minds

Written by Dr. Christina Hibbert and Babette Rothschild, “8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise” provides readers with helpful strategies on keeping fit, relieving stress and strengthening well-being through exercise.

Hibbert is a clinical psychologist and an expert on women’s mental health, grief and self-esteem. She explains to readers the connection between exercise and mental wellness. She provides step-by-step strategies to help readers stick to their fitness goals, overcoming the roadblocks they may encounter, and teaches them how to maintain a physically and emotionally healthy exercise regimen.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise” helps readers get moving, keep moving and maintain the needed inspiration to give them the full benefits of exercising for mental health. The topics Hibbert discusses include improving self-esteem with exercise, exercising as a family, getting motivated, changing how you think about exercise, and the FITT principle for establishing an effective exercise routine.

Reader reviews

Readers have given their input on the book, and it seems to be a huge success in both the eyes of behavioral health professionals and in the eyes of the casual reader. A therapist from PsychCentral stated that it’s “great for those of us who want to experience more of the benefits of exercise, but need a bit of help creating a plan and overcoming the mental blocks to doing so.”

Another satisfied reader also stated, “From overcoming roadblocks and ways to increase motivation, to exercising as a family, to changing how you view exercise, to setting up a plan that works, “8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise” will guide you along as you build a habit of lifelong exercise and reap the multitude of health and mental health benefits!”

About the authors of “8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise”

Christina G. Hibbert, PsyD authored not only “8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise” but also the award-winning memoir “This Is How We Grow” and “Who Am I Without You.” Formerly she worked as a fitness instructor, and she currently works as a clinical psychologist who specializes in exercise and mental health, grief, parenting, self-worth and personal growth. Hibbert has proven to be a dynamic speaker, as she works as a radio show host for Motherhood, founder of the Arizona Postpartum Wellness Coalition, and producer of the internationally-sold DVD, Postpartum Couples. She, her husband, and their six children live in Flagstaff, AZ. If you would like to learn more about Hibbert and her work, visit

Editor Babette Rothschild, MSW, LCSW, has been a practicing psychotherapist since 1976. She has also written “8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery” and the best-selling “The Body Remembers.” She serves as a member of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and gives lectures and professional trainings around the world. To learn more about Rothschild and her work, visit her website at

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