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Online game ‘Blue Whale’ instigating naïve teens to commit suicide

05-18-17 Category: Mental disorders, Mental Health

Online game ‘Blue Whale’ instigating naïve teens to commit suicide  An online viral game, which is driving gullible teenagers to suicide, is giving sleepless nights to millions of parents across the globe, including the United States. The spine chilling game called “Blue Whale,” responsible for hundreds of teen suicides the world over originated in Russia some time ago. It is now slowly spreading its tentacles to other parts of the world.

The game requires participants to complete a set of daring acts over a period of 50 days with the ultimate task of killing themselves. Unaware of the magnitude of the threat, millions of teenagers are risking their lives. The game developers have so far managed to push hundreds of unsuspecting teens to commit suicide as a final challenge of the game. Parents and guardians of teens are under immense stress fearing the safety of their children.

There is an anonymous “master,” who assigns challenging tasks to teen participants, gradually increasing the difficulty levels with the final one being of killing oneself and posting it online. In a way, the perpetrators want these teens to glorify death in the form of suicide. No one has been able to determine who the creators of this game are, though some think that it started in Russia after looking at the reports of Russian schoolgirl Yulia Konstantinova (15) posting a picture of a blue whale on Instagram shortly before jumping to her death.

Threat spreads to all parts of the world

The peril of this online game is not limited to Russia alone. The threat has reached to other countries as well. A WhatsApp message to a UAE daily read, “Any parents out there or anyone that knows of any kids playing an online game called ‘Blue Whale,’ please get your kids off this game. It sets them 50 challenges and the last one is to commit suicide.”

Authorities in France issued a public safety alert in March this year, raising an alarm for parents to watch out for weird behavior in their children. Youth is a time when people want to get their identity established and find a footing among peer groups. Hence, introducing them to such a demonic game at this phase of their lives could certainly jeopardize their safety.

For example, one of the tasks in the game includes self-mutilation – cutting an arm in the shape of a whale. The notion among players and the “master” of this game is that blue whales wash up on beaches to die.

So far, 130 teenagers in Russia have lost their lives to this game. Unconfirmed reports claimed that two young girls died after jumping off an apartment building and a commuter train, persuaded by the “Blue Whale” challenge.

Dealing with suicidal thoughts

Suicidal thoughts, irrespective of the factors that trigger them, are signs of a mental illness in people. Unless intervened at the earliest, these thoughts can force people to end their lives. However, treatment can help manage such illnesses like harboring suicidal thoughts. Such thoughts can also be a result of mental or substance abuse problems. Clinicians should be careful to understand the underlying cause of the disorder.

Thus, if a loved one is showing any suspicious behavior, seek immediate help from psychiatrists. Sovereign Health is a leading mental health disorder treatment organization with centers in major places in the country. Call our 24/7 helpline number or chat online for detailed information regarding mental health rehab centers. Whether it is inpatient mental health treatment programs or others you are looking for, help is just a call away. It is important to go for timely treatment or things can worsen later.