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Do psychopaths become good CEOs?

06-28-17 Category: Mental Health, Treatment

Do psychopaths become good CEOs?

Employees more often than not view their bosses as diabolical, with an overambitious strategy and unachievable targets. Oftentimes, the mere presence of the CEO is enough to send the workers squirming, petrified that they might be at the receiving end of his or her salvos. A study, presented at the Australian Psychological Society Congress in Melbourne last year, has found that one in five corporate executives is psychopath.

The researchers evaluated 261 senior professionals in the United States and found that 21 percent of them exhibited clinically significant levels of psychopathic traits. The researchers advised that business houses should observe personality features rather than a highly decorated CV during recruitments.

Are all these attributes a fallout of psychopathic traits?

If one considers the organization’s point of view, the psychotropic traits of bosses are not all bad. There are theories which agree that several CEOs in the Silicon Valley share many psychotropic traits, which actually benefit the company. Their whims and fancies may not go down well with the employees, who find it find hard to fathom making them think that they are working for a psychopath.

According to psychologist Michael Woodward, who worked with psychopathic murderers in prison, a true blue psychopath is one who is a churn-out of a slew of characteristics, and may have emotional, interpersonal, lifestyle and behavioral deficits, yet very adept in camouflaging them. On the exterior, they appear quite charming, gregarious and a personality to kill for, but beneath there is no place for any remorse, callousness and empathy for others.

In fact, many of these features are present in a handful of successful presidents, who scored high on a psychopathic scale. They personify fearless dominance, boldness and a severe lack of emotion. Psychopaths are also seen as indispensable for a company because starting a company itself is an irrational act, and to maintain the company’s buoyancy one has to be ruthless and courageous enough to sacrifice everything.

The researchers have also come up with a screening tool to help firms gauge traits of psychopathic personality disorder during recruitment. They hope that very soon the tool will be used by business so that they are able to get the right candidate for the position because a wrong selection can bring in lot of problems to the business.

Signs of psychopathic disorders

Some of the major signs of a psychopathic disorder include:

  • Superficial charm and glibness
  • A sense of self-worth, often self-inflated
  • Perpetual need for stimulation
  • Lying pathologically
  • Conning others
  • Extreme manipulative
  • Lack of remorse or guilt
  • Shallow emotions
  • Callousness and lack of empathy

Dealing with psychopathic disorders

Having attributes or shades of psychopathic qualities in a CEO is different, but when symptoms go out of proportion, treatment becomes necessary. People who exhibit extreme signs of any psychotic disorders should seek immediate treatment, lest symptoms may turn into galling issues. People should not shy away from treatment of mental health problems because of stigma.

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