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‘Stranger Things’ star goes from self-harm to whole self

02-28-17 Category: Media, Mental Health, Self-help

‘Stranger Things’ star goes from self-harm to whole self  Actress Shannon Purser gained a cult following for her role as Barb in the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things,” but it may surprise many of her devoted fans to learn that, before contending with monsters from the Upside Down, she grappled with mental illness. Purser’s story can serve as an example of how people can overcome their disorders and achieve a more successful and fulfilling life.

“I just had to go to my parents and say, ‘I think I really need help'”

Purser recently opened up to fans on social media about her pubescent years and the ill coping mechanism she used as therapy to deal with a lack of friends while switching schools. She says her autonomous, yet isolating, disposition made it difficult during the most socially defining point in young life.

“My tendency to want to be alone really didn’t do me any favors … So self-harm was something I could turn to that made me feel like I was doing something about all the negative feelings I had.”

The stigma against mental illnesses can lead many people, particularly female teens, from opening up about their difficulties and getting help. Purser hopes her transparency will help inspire others to go to their loved ones and express their need for help.

The importance of depression treatment

‘Stranger Things’ star goes from self-harm to whole self

Self-harm is a risk of deep depression and often, childhood trauma. In fact, persistent depressive disorder, an intense combination of depressive disorders, can be result in self-harm. Effective behavioral health treatment providers offer measurement-based therapies to offer all walks of life a release from profound negative emotions that spur depression, self-harm, substance abuse, eating disorders and suicide ideation.

Sovereign Health has both adolescent and adult facilities that provide a full catalogue of treatment modalities for depression, including cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy. We also offer alternative therapies, including yoga, art, equine and music therapy.

Our treatment is available at various levels of care to best customize treatment for each person. Individual therapy provides one-on-one guidance with a therapist, while group therapy offers patients a chance to learn with people in the same boat as them. For patients with busy schedules, we offer telehealth that allows patients to receive treatment over the internet.

Our depression treatment goes far beyond the cookie-cutter rehabs out there and provides a standard of measurement-based care, for recovery that lasts. Call our 24/7 helpline for details.

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